Latest interior design trends that you can add easily at home

interior design
Interior Design

People who used to look forward to interior designing trends were a little shaken with the sudden impact of this pandemic. With numerous lockdown in place, we all learned how to do a little bit of DIY to sustain ourselves. Many interior designers in Bangalore have put forth a lot of ideas which you can implement by yourself in your home itself.

A pandemic shouldn’t stop you from doing a little bit to authenticate the interior decor of your home.

These are certain tips suggested by some interior decorators working at one of the top interior design company in Bangalore.

Mirror magic

Mirrors are known to make a place look bigger than what it really is. Installing a mirror will give the false illusion that your room is bigger in size. That is one of the key reasons why washrooms install such big sized mirrors on their walls. If you think of the bathroom without that mirror, it would feel like a congested space.

Now, what you can do is put up a couple of rounded (or some funk shaped) mirrors on the walls to jazz up the look of the room. It will give the illusion that your living room is bigger. Make sure you are getting mirrors of different sizes. If you are all about doing things differently, you can choose mirrors with different shapes and colored frames too.

This simple DIY can completely transform the whole vibe of your living area or hall. If you have a relatively decent-sized home then this idea is ought to work perfectly for the hallway.

Rampant Rug

Rugs are probably the most ignored part of home decor. However, they are one of those silent players who do contribute to the look of the room. Quality rugs can instantly make your room look classier and more elegant. A well-sized rug is a must for your room.

You can either buy a dome sized rug for the centre table and a medium-sized one for the floor space beside the bed. A lot of people also buy bigger rugs for their bedrooms which covers a large area. Rugs are really sophisticated and add character to a room. It is in fact the stature of a classy room.

Artwork Amplification

You can amplify the look of your home with artwork installation. Get some paintings or portraits and put them on the walls. The artwork has the capability to bring a story to your home.

You can buy a couple of unique art pieces which really define your personality or the vibe of your home. It is one of the easiest ways to amplify the interior design of your home.

For professional consultation and interior designing solutions, reach out to us. We would be more than happy to help you.


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