Vaastu Rules and Tips: 5 Ways to Bring Good Luck in Your Home

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vaastu is an old Indian discipline that evolved out of the need to live harmoniously and prosperously. It removes the negativity and bad energy from the home atmosphere to enhance the positivity around us. As it has been named in old texts, the Vaastu Shastras are laws and guidelines based on which a house becomes a conduit for channeling certain positive energies. Poor Vaastu effects can be recognized by disturbing health problems for family members, sudden business failure or even daily relationship disturbances. Exploring the various aspects of the Vaastu Shastra is essential to protect the health and prosperity of your family in the best way possible.

These are Vaastu tips lined up by commercial interior designers in Bangalore have helped homes turn into abode of happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Choice of wall colors

wall of Colors
Wall of Colors

As you very well understand there are four directions and each direction has its own unique meaning. Various planets are assigned to various directions and because each planet has its distinct appearance, each direction receives its propitious color as well.

North direction – Green

East direction – White

South direction – Red

West direction – Blue

A few don’ts in Vaastu


There are few no-no factors too when it comes to the Vaastu decisions. Here are a few important ones:

  • Never buy lands or flats that have extensions in the South or South-West direction.
  • Never build or start construction for a flat on a plot that slopes from North to South direction.
  • Never buy a flat if the toilets and bathrooms are attached right adjacent to the living area. There should be some considerable spacing.

Main Doorway

Main Door
Main Door

Your home’s doorway is not only the entry point for people but also for positive energy. It is the entryway for good vibes, positive energy and health in your home.

The Vaastu of your entryway door must be accurate for the sustenance of healthy energy within your family.  The principal door should be facing north, east or north-east. However, this rule is exclusive to the front door or the entry door of your home. The other doors of your room do not have any rules as such.

Direction for Kids’ Rooms

Kids Room
Kids Room

You kid’s room should be set at home in the south-west direction. Start making sure your children sleep south or east with their heads, for peace and quiet. This is the only requisite which interior designers have come across in terms of Vaastu necessities.

You can of course put up some necessary spiritual figures on the walls for better energy source in those rooms.

Vaastu for Prayer/Puja Room

Puja Room
Puja Room

A prayer Room is one of the most auspicious places in any home. It almost, serves as an accelerator in the house which drives and circles different energies. Thus it is imperative that careful care be taken during the design and location of the praying area. As per Vaastu, the northeast corner of your house is the best and most auspicious direction for the prayer station. If location in the north-east is not possible, it can be placed in either the east or west side of the building. The prayer room, once set up as per Vaastu, continues to drive mutually beneficial vibes throughout the household which in turn increases the healing vibe.

These are some essential Vaastu decisions which accentuate the healing power of a household. However, if you want any professional interior designing consultation or solutions; kindly contact us without any hesitation.


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