Guide to Painting Your Home to Personalize Your Style

Even if you hire a professional interior designing company, it is important that your home paint reflects your personal style and aesthetics. Painting is the simplest way to add a breath of fresh air in a room. Paint has always been a staple in personalizing your home style.

Whether you want to spark a room with joy or tone down the noise, this color guide would help you choose the perfect color palette for your home.

How colors affect your mood?

The colors of your home have a direct impact on your mood. Wall paint sets the tone and vibe of your home. Understanding color psychology helps you get a good idea about what paint would be the best for your rooms.

Color affects people in many ways depending on factors like age, personal style, aesthetic preferences, faith, gender and etc. The color choice would also differ from one room to another. The colors you love for your bedroom might not be the same for the hall area.

We still suggest that you consult an interior designer in Bangalore who would help you choose the right color combination for your home or office space.

When you are deciding on the paint colors for your home, you have an opportunity to revamp the look of your interiors completely.

Which colors represent what?

Each color palette has something unique about it. Pick colors which go best with your requirements.

  • Orange: Broaden your Imagination

Orange has the ability to add a spunk of fun and vibrancy to any color combination. It is a wholesome color which represents confidence and a bundle of optimism. If you are someone who loves to go with the flow and live each day to its fullest then orange is the color for you.

It is the color of smiles and joy. Add it to any one wall in your living area and make the space look alive. It is also excellent for kids’ rooms.

  • Yellow: Mellow and Sunshine Vibes

Yellow is more on the neutral side when it comes to home designing. It is the perfect color to uplift a mood. But yellow needs to be paired with other colors that belong to the same family. Yellow in large amount can make a space look monotonous.

It is the color of sunshine and cheerful ambience. Yellow is perfect for kitchen and balconies.

  • Blue: Calming and Productive

Blue is a multipurpose color for home designing. Whether you are a fan of pastel, light or deep blue; there is a shade for everyone. Blue is a pious and serene shade which is known to calm temperament. It is a chilled out and laid back color that keeps the vibe very light hearted.

Deep blue, on the other hand, boosts productivity and keeps the mind fresh. It helps de-clutter thoughts and helps you get a clearer perspective on things.

Pastel blue is more on the vintage side. You can use pastel blue when you are going for a more vintage and aesthetic look for your home.

  • Green: Healing and Nature

Green is the color of nature and life’s riches. The color is all about the richness of life. Green color makes the space have a fresh outlook and helps you manifest a balanced equilibrium in life.

Green can be used for wall texture designs as well.

It is a very fruitful color which is very ambiguous in terms of designing a wholesome home decor.

  • Purple: Drama and Sophistication

Purple can be used in a bunch of different shades depending on what your primary requirements are. Lilac, violet and purple have all different meanings to them. Lilac is more of a mild color which is best for a spiritual ambience. It is fresh and unique in its own way.

Violet is slightly on the dramatic side. It helps to make a strong impact on the color palette.

Purple is all about sophistication and royalty. It is a regal color which makes the space look luxurious. It can be used as an accent color for bedrooms. Lighter shades like lilac are a great replacement for light blue but you won’t have the risk of it looking chilly.

  • Pink: Opens your heart

Soft and tender, pink is the color of love. During times of emotional adjustment, it encourages tenderness and is a comfort. Use it in a space as you try to increase your communication and comprehension.

For years, pink has been a go-to favorite for many designers. It instantly adds life to a room and makes it stand out. It conveys the feel of a safe space for many people as well. Mostly girls prefer to have a light shade of pink on their walls.

What color combinations should I go for?

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the vast range of color options that there are. In addition to the above mentioned traditional colors you can also use some out of the box colors like gold and silver. Gold and silver are mostly used for adding texture designs on walls or for complementing the furniture.

Honestly, the best combination is the one which resonates with your personal style and taste. It is best to contact an interior designer in Bangalore and take their help for painting your walls with the most amazing color patterns.

Designers have a professional and adaptive understanding of the colors and they can help you select the shade best suited for your home.

Feel free to reach out to us for any query or information and we shall be more than happy to help you.


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