Tips for Designing a Logo for Any Brand. Graphic Designing Hacks


graphic design
Graphic Design

A logo is more than just your company’s official watermark. It is the representation of what your business represents. It is the first impression and signature mark of your brand’s potential. Everything you do and do not stand for is represented through this particular image. You might not know but the profession of logo designing is very lucrative in today’s market space. It is required literally everywhere. In the time of digital marketing and internet domination; new companies are coming up every day.

We are seeing new logos and brands and designs pop up every single day. In such an expansive world the demand and value of logo designing as a profession is huge. So many students after the completion of their graphic design training chose this path. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, let me teach you how to design an effective logo.

  1. Understand the purpose

No organization or brand runs without a purpose in their motto. Even if it is not their slogan, there is an underlying purpose which matters. In order to create an effective design understanding, the purpose is very important. Primarily you must begin with seeing their work and noticing the line of purpose.

Having the underlying and in purposes of the companies gives you an added edge of what they might be looking for in their logos. Even the best graphic design colleges work to their optimum level to ensure that students learn this step prior to knowing the tools and software on the computer.

  1. Knowing the service/ product

Since it is going to be the first impression of your brand; the graphic must be very representative of the service or product which they are trying to sell to the customers. Well, this might not always be true.

Suppose if you carefully observe at the logos of Starbucks, Nike, and many other companies; their logo does not necessarily signify the product. But it does strike you immediately with the brand identity. Therefore, try to strike something extraordinary with your work.

  1. Know all the software and tools

Some graphic designers might have the illusion that learning just one tool on the computer will suffice. Time to discard that thought immediately. To explore the utmost potential you need to be familiar with all the different editing and creating software that there are. Some of the most important ones are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Snap seed, Lightroom, Autodesk Maya and etc.

Statistics show that students who know a number of different software tend to be 44% more creative than others. So, pull your socks and get started with the hard work. Perfection comes to those who are eager to learn.

  1. Make it digitally appealing

Since we are designing for the website, our primary goal must be to make it look appealing on the screens. So, have the skeleton of your website in your head and start designing accordingly. The more appealing it looks digitally, the more will it entice the audience. Another secret is that you should design a website logo which does not look different on business cards and screens. Take the example of some of the best logos in the world. Apple, for example, is simplistic and has the same connotation no matter seen where.


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