Popular Graphics Designing Trends of 2020

graphic design trend
Graphics Designing Trends of 2020

Believe it or not, we are about to bid adieu to 2020 in just three months. The year has been particularly challenging with a lot of ups and downs. The off set of this pandemic, increasing lockdowns and digitization of industries has impacted a lot of the sectors. What has come out quite prominently is the importance of graphic designers.

Every piece of information from the government, brands, services and companies across the globe was broadcasted using social media platforms and posts made by graphic designers. Therefore, the year has really helped graphic designers to step up their game and set new trends.

Minimalism with efficient highlights

graphics designer
Graphics Designer

One of the most popular trends which are now also talked about in graphics designer courses is regarding the use of the minimalist approach. However, since advertisement and information posts are directed more towards direct communication; the highlight on important points is used. The emphasis and highlight is definitely given to the main information at hand rather than to the design.

Minimalist graphic designing has been around for years. However, its prominence had never been so high and definitive prior to this. It is one of the most core elements of 2020 graphic designing trends.

Bright Color Theory

Bright Color Theory
Bright Color

If you have ever studied in graphic designing courses in Kolkata then you would know that there is a color wheel which one has to follow. There are certain color theories which make a design or post suitable for aesthetic purposes. Since, this year there has been so much competition with regards to the posts and designs being shared online; this strategy had become a trend.

Every brand or company was trying to make their message get the maximum attention and be noticed among the targeted audiences. Therefore, up until now bright color theory has ruled the graphic designing world.

Pattern Chain

Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers

Graphic designers would agree that there has never been more need to have a pattern chain for their posts before this. Pattern chain is the technique where you create a set pattern or design theme for all your posts. Most brands are doing this nowadays to create their identity stern among the masses.

This pattern chain ensures that people are able to recognize the chain of their posts and not mistaken it for some other brand or service. This trend has helped a lot of brands create their brand identity and have a public image of their own.

These are some of the most popular trends which have ruled in 2020 so far. Chances are that these trends are ought to stay and get a little more developed over the years to come. You can obviously learn everything about professional graphic designing in a course. To enquire or know more about that, you can surely reach out to us. We can have a professional counselor help you with a free session.


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