5 Kitchen Tile Designs to Add Flavor to your Cooking

Kitchen Design

It has never been so stylish to save your kitchen walls from the bombardment of gravy splotches and everyday oil spills. Backsplashes or kitchen tiles have been a ‘has to-have’ since India was introduced to modular kitchens. The biggest kitchen trend has recently been the installation of colorful or quirky patterned tiles in kitchens. We love to play with various styles at Cee Bee Design Studio to smarten up your kitchen and turn your cooking process into a wonderful experience.

Here are some designs picked out by our interior decorators in Kolkata.

Lacquered Glass Backsplash

If combined with your kitchen architecture’s right color scheme, lacquered glass can appear very elegant. This would not come in bits like other tiles in the kitchen, but it’ll be a material with a smooth finish. Although it looks very shiny and lustrous, it is actually very practical and has a smooth finish. To clean the oil splatters, all you need to do is wipe them away with a glass cleaner. These are also robust since they are moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Tile Mosaics

On the backsplash, mosaics are mostly used because they consist of small-scale tiles, perfect in any kitchen, and don’t be hesitant to create an entire accent wall. To add bursts of color, shimmer and form to your kitchen, use glass, marble, ceramic, porcelain and mosaics produced with other materials for more enthusiastic combinations.


Marble, depending on the materials that you mix with it, can be as traditional or as modern as you want it to be. The marble backsplash combines effortlessly with the countertops in a streamlined kitchen and contrasts both and complements the grey natural stone wall.

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan inspired backsplash in myriad hues will brighten any kitchen’s look. It is the perfect way to spruce up the kitchen backsplash making it appear authentic and rustic at the same time. Some of the best interior decorators in Kolkata have claimed this to be the best way of making your kitchen walls stand out.

Stripes are the OG

Build a bold style of three contrasting colors for a new version of the classic metro tile. Retro eatery vibes are created by contrasting stripes here, while the straight lines elongate the room to make small kitchens look larger. If you feel bold, you could take this look one stage further and graduate then, as you walk up the wall, build an on-trend ombre look with your tile colors.

For any home interior designing services, reach out to us and our team of experts will happily help you. Cee Bee Design Studio is your one-stop solution to everything related to interior designing.


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