5 Bathroom Design ideas which is inspire You

bathroom design
Bathroom Design


A refurbished bathroom brings quality to your residence, changes its look, and renders it more suited for your present needs. Renovations are the perfect way to make changes for years to come that will benefit you.  Our home interior designers have put forth these awesome and classy ideas for updating your bathroom’s interiors. They will help your renovation be top-notch and stay in excellent condition.

Pebble and Tile Combination

walls and tiles
Walls and Tiles

The most noticeable thing about the interiors of a bathroom is its walls and tiles. These greatly contribute to the aesthetic of a bathroom. Your bathroom would look ten times classier and chic when the pebble themed tiles are added. This theme can be further accentuated when you add pebble style soap cases, cabinets and etc.

Marble Magic

Marble Magic
Marble Magic

Marble just makes everything better. Marble has a very regal and elegant feel to it. It is just the right amount of texture you want in a bathroom. Your bathroom will look absolutely stunning if you incorporate marble designs in it.

You can go for marble flooring; tiling or you can even mix it with other patterns if you like. Talking to an interior designer regarding the same would be more helpful.

Travertine and Color Scheme

Travertine wall panels are going to look stunning when paired with a geometric stone-tile floor. It is going to be a very regal combination. The sheer palette will add a sense of authenticity to the whole look. You can also lend warm tones with lights near the bath. Then add a couple of vintage light fixtures. If you want it to be a little wild then place a funky collage to make space feel one-of-a-kind.

Mirror Mania


Mirrors can make a room appear larger than its actual size and that is the oldest trick in the books. But mirrors are capable of doing so much more than just that. They add the perfect decorative touch to any interior space. Depending upon your personal taste and choice of colors and materials, mirrors can be chosen for your bathroom.

Millennial Pink

Years until anything was gentle millennial pink, the vivid pink design of the bathroom was its own kind of thing.  Assertive pink subway tile and black polished concrete flooring offer a spinning 80s cardboard box vibe to a generally simplistic bath. In the antique theme, fresh glass cabinets, towels and shower curtain prevent it from feeling like a film set and modern antique-style stainless steel pipes and equipment tie.

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