Luxurious Modern Office Interior Design Trends of 2020

Office Interior Design
Office Interior Design

Workplace design is essential for numerous reasons. A well-designed office keeps the morale of the employees high while giving your office the professional environment vibe it deserves. Interior decorators have been coming up with new trends and design themes for offices based on the personalized requirements for years now.

Check out some of the modern trending design ideas by office interior designers in Kolkata which have been loved by people all across.

Vintage Vivacity

A “trend” simply suggests that what used to be out-of-date would somehow again have its day in the spotlight. Office design works precisely the same way, and this year, one of the hottest trends in office interior design blends contemporary design and sculpture with historical elements, including showpieces, lighting, and even architecture.

Ultra-modern start-ups, for example, are located in out-of-commission shops.  Refurbished office furniture is a perfect way to make a personal style, reduce the environmental effect and be environmentally friendly, and also save expenses!

Move desks to move employees


The idea that sitting for endless hours is as bad as smoking is now patently obvious. As human beings, to be both healthy and efficient, the workers need to be physically involved.

And then, the height-adjustable desk is designed to substitute both sitting and standing desks. Only replace the desks that you already sell for one that are tall-adjustable. Know that ample evidence illustrates the clear effects of improved health on staff performance if you’re concerned about the cost. So, the money is worth it. If you’re not totally persuaded yet, you should still talk to your interior designer regarding height-adjustable seats.

Unique Wall Prints

Wall Prints
Wall Prints

The atmosphere of the workplace can be set by getting the right designs on the wall. The year 2020 saw numerous prints that pulled out the offices’ imaginative side. Colors matter, so there is an influence on the texture. You should fit the decor and turn anything incredible into a unique office wall setup. The wall designs are the first thing that catches the eye of the people when they enter a room.   As always, Cee Bee Design Studio is here to assist you in curating the walls with original and unique prints.

Enhanced Lighting


Not only must a productive office interior design incorporate an updated furniture style, but it should also make lighting a focus. Ideally, a planner would choose the most natural daylight possible to put in. Natural sunlight may, however, be limited or non-existent in certain spaces, depending on the architecture of an office. Eliminate the hideous, dark fluorescent tube lighting commonly used in office walls, if possible. Lighten up the room with new lighting instead. Not only can stylish fixtures be more spectacular for creativity, but they also utilize more energy-efficient lamps.

Feel free to reach out to us and our team of interior designers will be happy to help you find the best solutions for your office design.


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