Ideas for Decorating Beautiful Puja Rooms in Diwali Season

Puja Rooms
Puja Rooms

With Diwali preparations in full swing, we figured we would bring rather extra hype and give the forthcoming celebrations an extra help. Until your friends come knocking, these Diwali interior decorating ideas will serve as the last guideline to decorate your home’s interiors.

To have a fun-filled, vibrant and flourishing Diwali with your loved ones, follow the given simple tips and steps.

Paint the home

Painted Wall
Painted Wall

Paint your walls with a warm shade of yellow. Tea lights, candles and basalt lamps are traditional, and for Diwali nights, almost every house will have these. And therefore this Diwali, for a positive reception, view things differently and shower your house in yellow sun. The simple but sophisticated decorative design in the community would certainly make your house look different than others. The substitution of the traditional white tea lights with yellow lights is all that it required.

Gear up with ‘Genda Phool’

Puja Room
Puja Room

Did you realize why households throughout this time are adorned with marigold flowers? Such flowers are often referred to as the “herb of the light” and its scent boosts the spirit and reduces tension! Fresh developments and success of life are also characterized by bright orange and yellow colors.

So, we recommend you pick some new packets of it from a local flower market and accessorize them for your entrance! On your tables and chairs, you can even have a setup where the candy and beverages can be put out. You can also ask apartment interior designers in Bangalore for help and hey shall decorate your home perfectly with this genda phool for you.

Festival with minimalism

Don’t make the decor too much-do. Only try to be as simple and elegant as you can. Often, more is less. So many decoration objects are going to make the space look dirty. Maintain enough space to travel about. The secret to threading stuff into place is cleanliness and sanitation.

So, we hope you are excited to deliver a cheerful remodel of the above ideas to your home. Do take notes to keep the furniture as environmentally conscious as practicable. Follow the ‘Reuse and Recycle “principle. Hiring interior designers in Bangalore can help you reduce your carbon footprint too.

Allow the use of things that are natural. Make sure that the effective handling of garbage is achieved as well.  Remember embracing the festival’s real meaning and caring for nature. Do not forget, after that, to have fun! Festivals are all about celebrating delicious food, quality time and cultural charm! Get a big fat Puja celebration, then.



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