Career Path for Interior Designer

Interior Design Course
Interior Design Course

A career in Interior Design

Every city has a personality of its own, that is largely influenced by its spaces and building structures. An aspiring interior designer who dreams of excelling and becoming the best interior designer in Kolkata should study an interior design course in Kolkata.

Interior Designing is an outstanding career to explore as it combines both one’s sense of business acumen as well as an understanding of spaces, design, architecture and visual language.

Interior Design Course in Kolkata

Every aspiring interior designer in the city wants to achieve their optimal level of excellence in their work. They want to become the best interior designer in Kolkata.

The diverse architectural spaces in the city, crowded with malls, theme restaurants, office buildings, residential complexes, heritage properties is ample evidence that there are several interior designers in the city who are breaking a leg in their individual works and one cannot label one of them as the best.

We can however vouchsafe that pursuing an interior design course in Kolkata will make aspiring interior designers give their best in curating the architectural look and personality of the city.

Why Choose iLEAD College to pursue Interior Designing

BSC in Interior Design, offered by iLEAD College, Kolkata is one interior design course in Kolkata that will make each student a potential best interior designer in Kolkata.

There are multiple institutes throughout India offering the best interior designing courses.

It is a fact that iLEAD is one of the best colleges where you can pursue an interior design course in Kolkata.

iLEAD has partnered with ESEDS School of Design, which has introduced for the first time its international designed course from the UK to India.

Moreover, both iLEAD and ESEDS collaborate with the Ethical Fashion Forum to encourage and promote sustainable design and fashion.

The course structure focuses on Historical, Contextual and Culture Studies, Ergonomics, Technical Drafting, Model Making and Design.

Every student gets the opportunity to work while learning. Their works are shown on iLEAD TV.

These are the factors that make the interior design course of iLEAD a phenomenal degree. It makes both the college as well as the students optimistic of the fact that, in the future, the best interior designer in Kolkata will be an alumnus of iLEAD.

Beyond Course Curriculum: How to excel in Interior Design

While an interior design course in kolkata, pursued from iLEAD College is indeed promising given the fact that iLEAD college has outstanding faculty and guest facilitators to share their knowledge with the students and ensure their success, it is mandatory for every student to nurture an eye for detail, study the character of the city where they want to start their career and understand the eclectic reflection of clients, corporates and culture in architecturally designing the look of the city.

It is important to look at the KMC building of Esplanade, in brick red hues, located at S.N. Banerjee Road and realize how the city is in a symbiotic relationship with history, the past as well as the present times.

There has been no dearth of talented interior designers. It is important to study the architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Birla Mandir, G.D.Birla Sabhaghar, the various Consulates, ICCR, the residences of Maidan,the avant-garde spaces.

It is important to study old buildings as well and understand how many of them are redesigned as spaces with a new look, but nevertheless, the old world charm of that place is not lost. Surely two relatable examples will be Café O Kobita Café, Shyambazaar, Priya Cinema, Deshapriya Park.

Soft power demands that we get attracted to spaces teeming with crowds such as Hard Rock Café, Starbucks, but it is equally important to study how sustainable preservation of spaces can be done as a designer, by giving a cosmopolitan and heterogeneous look to the city, without compromising on the old world charm of Hatibagan, Hedua, College Street, Mitra Café, Coffee House, Star Theatre. It is important to understand that spaces like  Trincas, Nahoums will always retain its target customers as they have an intercontinental character and as Kolkatans,  we can never be tired of our neo-colonial, cultural obsession with foreigners and foreign entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the best interior designer in Kolkata should have the quality of being very flexible and understanding the demands of the client. However, interior designers should also take creative liberty to create outstanding spaces.

Author Bio: Swastisha Mukherjee is a student of media studies. She aspires to be a writer and filmmaker. She has published her work in two books and has experience in theater and ad film.  Her other interests also include reading, especially graphic narratives, watching anime movies.


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