How to Start a Career in Animation Industry?

One of the most-sought-after career options these days is a career in animation. Oh, and why not? A career in animation may be the best option for today’s teens, with high incomes, career development and a chance to highlight your talent.

The future of the animation industry looks very promising with films like Baahubali, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age and others becoming a rage among children and adults alike. It is possible to describe a work in animation as the art of breathing life into a character or entity. The architecture, drawing, illustration and development of visually rich and enticing animated clips are a fusion of the film industry and technology.

Join Animation Institute in Kolkata

The first step towards enrolling into a career in animation would be to join a degree course in the same. You will have to join an animation institute in Kolkata. That would be the first step in acquiring professional education in this field.

Self help is great but not when it comes to your education. One has o ensure that they have a certification from an institute which is recognized. Being a multi-billion dollar industry, animation has a lot of potential for growth. Therefore, it would be wise for you to select a good institute to learn the craft and skills of animation.

Here’s a list of job opportunities you can pursue after completing a course in animation:

  • 2 D Animator
  • 3 D Animator
  • Key Frame Animator
  • Image Editor
  • Modeler
  • Character Animator
  • Texture Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Story Board Artist
  • Background Artist
  • Clean Up Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Digital Ink and Paint Artist

You can reach out to us and we shall help you join the best institute in animation. We will arrange a free counseling session for you. It is going to help you understand all about the course. You can also ask all your queries regarding admission, fees, scope and etc.


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