Minimal Diwali Interior Design Ideas

Diwali is just around the corner and you must be looking for some home decor inspiration. It is one time of the year where people go all out on planning, decoration and cleaning.

But his year, a lot of people wish to keep things slightly minimal because of the covid scare outside. This is just the right guide for you.

Check out the following minimal home interior design ideas for your home!

Simple Brass Accents

In the Indian background, bright yellow metal and celebration were both two sides of a coin. Although your curiosity in other shiny yellow metals might be limited, we can tell you that all the brass looks fabulous. If you still have some of your old brass set shown in the house then pull them out.

They would look marvelous during this festive season. It gives that subtle chic look while keeping the whole vibe of the home festive.

Painted Diyas

Nothing to top the excitement of buying street side diyas and painting them in gold, red, blue and lovelier colors like that. Choose your favorite shades of color and let your imagination flow. Many interior decorators believe painted diyas add that chic and festive flavor to a look.

Drape fairy lights

Another great thing you can do is drape fairy lights all around your windows, doors and across the apartment. Fairy lights instantly give that festive look to your home. It is the best way to make your home look festive and full of fun.

This is one of the millennial trends which a lot of people do to give that aesthetic vibe. You can definitely give it a go for this Diwali season. A lot of interior designers also recommend this. You can contact CeeBee Design Studio for all your interior decoration requirements. Our designers would be more than happy to help you!


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