Which Type of Curtain to Use for Bedroom and Living Room?

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Curtain Design

In a bedroom, curtains will make a big statement. They not only capture the sunlight, but they also bring life and make a finished room appear. Curtains are one of the easiest ways to pull together the design elements of a room, whether you are looking for a bit of anonymity, dreaming of creating suspense, or just want to decorate.

There is a window treatment to suit the theme, from breezy sheer linen to elegantly draped velvet. Here is a set of curtains for the master bedroom that will turn your space into a sleek and comfortable retreat.

These ideas are curated by designers from top interior design studios in Bangalore.

Bright Hue Colors

Bold orange patterned drapes steal the show in any inviting living room. Curtains which have bold and outright bright colors create a brighter impact into the room’s vibe.

It is ought to make the room look more vibrant and cheerful. Bright hue colors should be your go-to pick while choosing curtains for windows of any size. They are pretty universal that way.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are very translucent, as their name suggests, and offer a space an airy and spacious feel. By picking heavier fabrics or darker hues, you can control the level of sheerness. They come in various materials, such as velvet, red or even lace, simple or patterned. To cover the curved windows, the black self-embossed fabric was used in this room. A transparent full-length cloth will not block the view, but will softly dim the bright sunlight that streams on a scorching summer day into your room.

If you want customized ones then contacting an interior design company in Bangalore would be the best option.

Get Measured Curtains

You can adapt the material, pattern, color and style to your own specifications by opting for custom curtains. Ready-made curtains come in regular sizes, while windows do not, particularly in historical or conventional homes, where a range of shapes and sizes will be available. You can be assured that your curtains would be the right match for your window with a made-to-measure service.

Kindly contact us for any kind of requirements of interior designing services.


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