How to Design your Home: Advices from Home Designers

home interior
Home Interior

Year 2020 is ending, so why not welcome the new year with some fresh new changes in your abode? Try something bold, something fancy and loud, or something minimal. Basically, try to come out of your comfort zone and let your imagination run free. Let us look at some of the simple ways you can give your house a makeover.

Bring out your Antiques

Having a modern house or a small apartment does not mean you cannot decorate your space with your favorite pieces from when you were a kid. A blast from the past is always appreciated and valued. Plus, it adds a nostalgic charm to it. Take out some old toys, or photo frames, or even just some centre pieces and place them around the house.

Create Shelves

If you are a book loves, please take your collections out in the open. By that we mean, do not keep your prized books in a cupboard. Build floor to ceiling shelves and place all your books there for display. This also adds up as a mini library that you always wanted but thought you need a separate room for it. You can add these shelves in your living room or your bedroom, whichever suits your taste.

Wall Décor

Wall décor is something most of us ignore. We let the walls look barren and compensate by crowding the floor instead. Try having some fun by either placing a tapestry on the wall or a world map or a huge family portrait, anything that is personal to you. If you want you can also create an accent wall by splashing some random paints or going for wallpapers.

Light it Up!

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your house is by investing in some pretty lights. They can be a chandelier or even focus lights on your paintings. But this is certainly a great way to freshen up your space. Try going for some cool toned lights or dim lights. This can also be really relaxing after a long day at work.


We undermine the power of a beautiful rug. It can really bring together space by making it look complete. You can place it in your living room underneath the centre table. Go for fluffy ones, or Persian rugs, or even minimalist geometric ones. You can also place a rug in your bedroom which can double up as a yoga mat and a nice little spot to sit and relax.

Mix n Match

Do not be afraid to mix pattern. This is one mistake most of us make, to think that we should only add one type of pattern in the rooms. Not true. Mix geometric with flower prints, do whatever pleases your senses. The man thing is to make it personal. It should reflect your taste.

These are some of the simplest ways you can revamp your house in 2021. Recommended by the top home interior designers in Bangalore, these tips are bound to make your house fresh and New Year ready. If you still want professional advice and help, Cee Bee Design Studio is known for having a brilliant eye for detail. One of the best commercial interior designers in Bangalore, they take up clients wanting to get their homes redesigned as well. check out their website for more details.


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