Tips for the Perfect Bridal Shopping

Bridal Shopping
Bridal Shopping

Shopping for your wedding day can be fun but at the same time extremely confusing and stressful. With so many designers and styles to choose from, you might get lost and end up spending thousands on something you won’t even enjoy on the big day. To avoid such things from happening, here are a few tips for smart shopping.

Budget it

This is probably the first step because the kind of outfits you buy will depend largely on what your budget it. And, even though it is only one of the many things you will be spending money on, you need to set your priorities straight. For many people, the bridal outfit is the most important, they want a designer lehenga, or something very intricate and expensive. While others might want to go for something simple and classic. How much you are willing to spend will also determine the kind of designers you should look at.

Too Many Cooks

While it is good to ask for opinions from family and friends, please keep in mind that the more people, the more confused you will be. If you must, consider taking along a maximum of four people for the shopping. Take a mix of family and friends so you have a healthy balance. However, keep in mind that because it is your wedding and you are going to be the one wearing it, you must be the one calling the final shots.


Before you go shopping, do some research on your own. Indian bridal outfits have a diverse range of options. Do you want something classic? Something a bit funky and hip? Minimalist? Or bold colours and cuts? Whatever it is, it helps if you make a Pinterest board or simply just save some pictures for reference. Keep in mind what kind of jewellery you are going on the day; this will help you stick to some specific colour schemes thus saving time. Also, depending on the style of outfit you are looking for, you would probably have to visit a couple of designers or stores that work with such products.

Comfort is Key

Cannot stress enough on how important this is. It might look gorgeous on you but if you are unable to sit, stand, or move in it, there is no point. Indian weddings are long and if you are planning to dance at your wedding, pick an outfit that is light and free-flowing. Basically, go for the style that allows you to be comfortable and something you generally wear. If you are not comfortable wearing a saree, do not go for one. If you are uncomfortable with deep necks or sleeveless, do not go for it.

Plan in Advance

Another key element. Do not go for shopping a week before the wedding. Give it at least a month. Finding the perfect outfit can take up a long time even if you are an efficient shopper. Plus, fittings take a long time as well.

Here are a few rules of thumb before you shopping for your big day as suggested by the best fashion designers. Remember to keep calm and stay focused. Also, for those of you who are interested in fashion and want to pursue a career in bridal designing or even fashion designing, this is a great opportunity to enrol yourselves in fashion designing classes. From there on you can open your own boutique and get started on your business. For reference, iLead in Kolkata has state of the art facilities and expert professors who guide the students through each step. Check out their website for more details.


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