Best Bedroom Ideas for Boho Chic

Bedroom ideas

If you are an avid internet user, you must have come across the term Boho Chic. According to Blogger Siham Mazouz, ‘bohémian’ basically means an individual who has artistic sense of style and moves beyond the conventional standards. So, there is no one idea of bohemian. If you have been thinking about what exactly the style means, it typically means to let your inner artist shine. Let us take a look at some of the ways you can turn your bedroom into a bohemian land. 

French Style

The French style generally means a tad fancy but something that looks effortless. So do not aim for perfection, leave things a bit out of order and try to mix and match. Throw in some silk bedsheets with linen pillow cases, get a patterned quilt along with some striped or geometric cushions. Play with the rugs by adding different textures. Hang your favourite paintings on the wall, basically forget about rules and let your emotions play. 


Whoever said black and white is boring has no sense of style. Monochrome is not only in style but can also be visually appealing and relaxing. You can get your furniture painted white or cream with hints of black. You can get black and white bedsheets and cushions. In order to balance it out, you can throw in a couple of bright colours, like a bright red cushion, or a green potted plant next to your drawers, or a multicoloured rug. 

Moroccan Hip

For a Moroccan style boho, play with colours as your heart wishes. there is literally no rules here. Moroccan style consists of lovely patterns and is generally extremely colourful. So feel free to do as you please and get some vintage pieces, some centre pieces, hang some tapestry on the wall, there is a lot of room for creativity here.  

Scandi Style

Probably the best for a minimalist, the Scandinavian style typically uses a lot of muted and beige tones. You can use layered and monochromatic textiles and a lot of wooden texture as well. one of the best things about this style is you should leave things a bit unfinished and a bit raw. Like a nice fluffy rug and some exposed wood detailing will amp up the room so much. 

Beach Boho

Think of everything you do at the beach, and then transport it to your room. Hang your favourite beach bags, the straw-hat collections, the sarongs and scarves. Keep the colour scheme muted and beige toned for a relaxed and chill environment and you can add a pop of colour with your favourite accessories.  

These are some of the really simple ways to decorate your bedroom into a boho chic one. However, if you want some professional help to decorate your room with more than just some cushions and rugs, you should contact interior design studios in Bangalore. One of the best studios that does home interior design in Bangalore is CEEBEE Design Studio. They are known for their chic and pristine sense of style and a team of professionals who are experts in interior designing.


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