A Mindful, Minimal Take on Modernist Design- 2021 Vision

To you, what does minimalism mean? Do you like white walls, hardwood furniture, and French curtains that are wide-open? Does it appear like block sofas, solid structure, geometric patterns and subdued colors?

Minimalism doesn’t even have to imply preferring basic furniture pieces that are bland or affordable. Minimalism may help concentrate your room on your ideal mood or design, simply meaning ‘simple is best’. Paint it beautiful, set on a neutral palette, with a row of peach couches. Make it spectacular, with your room halved in two by a stunning taupe and white line. In elegance, find value, with these beautiful looks for minimalist living rooms and interiors suggested by interior design firms in Kolkata.

Bring Expression in your Design

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It is not only as a physical frame that you can see your home but as an embodiment of its values: family, health and dignity. Explore what is needed to live minimally and mindfully, keeping these values into account. One of the main priorities would be to help minimize the requisite domestic activities of family life, leaving more time for what gives pleasure and purpose.

Rather than any visual comment, all emphasis needs to be placed on this quality of experience. A further reflection of mindfulness seems to be the minimalist interiors. Minimalism should not be followed explicitly as an aesthetic, but rather as an outcome of our sustainability stance.

If you talk to an interior designer in Kolkata, they would be sharing a similar opinion with you about the same.

Focus on Colors and Spacing

ceebee design studio kolkata

Minimalism and living in small-space get along wonderfully. To get the best out of an available inch, there are a few swaps you can make. For e.g., instead of having a large coffee table, opt for a lounge chair or instead of a sofa or sectional and layer a few small nesting tables.

If you have a classic minimalist style but don’t want to give up color, encourage a few variations to breathe in your living room. The fabrics and finishes can be painted back to a monochrome pallet, helping the features and pillars of the history to stand simply where they are. And, with a subdued cherry color carpet and a blue arm chair, you can still add vibrancy.

Keeping the Visual Balance

ceebee design studio kolkata

In simplistic decor, extra space is considered an essential feature, as space connects with the objects and determines the look. Visual harmony is just as crucial and only by providing a focal point can it be accomplished.

There’s plenty of open space in the living room with no unwelcome distractions. Around the same time, a spot on the walls finds some of the important décor of the home. Getting a minimalist home suggests that you have to say farewell to clutter. Stick strictly to basics and put the remainder in cabinets.

This kitchen reveals how it has been done to the counters by just a few well-chosen elements. The range of a white kitchen with a pop of red wine gives the appearance of a lot more room while remaining trendy.

For personalized and trendier mindful interior design ideas; do reach out to us. Our team of experts’ designers shall be more than happy to help you.

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