Colorful Decorated Room Ideas for your Child

Colors have to be a big part of decorating your kids’ rooms. They are spunky, fun and most of all cheerful. It can be hard to live up to their crazy standards when decorating a space for young people in your home. Children enjoy having rooms that are vivid, bold and beautifully colored. It represents their liveliness.

Trying too many bold colors with a room for kids, however, can be a mistake. To build a space where your child can feel active and alive, but still be comfortable enough to sleep at night, you want to play around with a mixture of bold colors and slightly more subtle details!

Here are some of our favorite tips for designing and organizing a playful, creative kid’s room. These ideas have been handpicked by interior decorators, so you know they are unique and one of a kind.

Maps as Wallpaper

A full wall with world map will make the room look very vibrant. The map will bring color and spunk into the room. It is a unique concept and not many homes have that. It will create a studious and healthy learning vibe alive in the room. It would not matter what colors you put on the adjacent walls when one of them is a world map.

You can go heavy on colors like blue and green for the map. If you want it to be more colorful then having different colors for the continent should work. This is a design which is timeless. Kids from the age of 3 to 16 would find this an amusing addition to their room.

Pink Dreamy Themed Bedroom

pink bedroom
Source: Google

The basis of this pink bedroom forms a cloud theme. The subject of the wall painting, produced in two shades of pink, can be a soft cloud outline.

On a bare pink wall above a color balanced bench, a few decorative rain clouds garner attention. In a room of pink and wood tones, a cutaway moon and stars will light up the sky. You can also add a few small glass globe pendant lights to illuminate the bedside. Across the headboard wall, an inspiring quote makes a bold declaration. Even a small bedroom can contain quirky ideas for decor.

A triangular painting element, almost like a canopy over the bed, would make a cozy corner. The role can be supported by the corner location of a pink framed mirror.

Eggshell Color Theme

eggless colour theme
Source: Google

Pure white can feel a little strong, so with an eggshell shade, you can warm up the room. This way, the room is still in the fairly subtle family, but with decor and accent parts, you can add contrast.

The great thing about eggshell white is that, you can contrast it with so many different kinds of accessories and colors.

Texture or Accent Walls!

With all the sparkling décor, still not content with those white walls? Consider developing a stunning accent wall covered in lovely wallpaper instead of instantly turning to paint for a solution.

Not only does the wallpaper add bright color, but also fun patterns and plenty of texture. You can choose smashing wallpaper, depending on the age of your little one and the color scheme of the room. Before making the final decision, take into consideration the area the wallpaper can cover.

Make Red work!

Red is a color that in a children’s room has the power to be either all wrong or all right. The space can be intimidating and even a little bit frightening for the child if the red is too big.

But a richer red alternative can be a vibrant, warm and inviting color with woven fabrics. In a darkened room like this, make sure you have plenty of toys and fun stuff to preserve the brightness of the room light of your kids.

All kids want their rooms to be an extended reflection of their personality. If you are looking for the right makeover for your kids’ rooms then reach out to us. Our team of expert interior decorators and designers would give you personalized solutions. We would be more than happy to help give you the home of your dreams within your budget.

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