Random Colors Combinations for Interior Design Inspiration

We are so used to the ordinary color combinations for our interiors that it gets a bit boring at times. It is for that reason that we must mix some random colors in a couple of rooms.

You will be shocked to find out that many top interior designers in Kolkata choose to go for random color combinations in order to make the rooms look more appealing and also prettier.

Pink and Navy Blue

Pink and Navy Blue
Source: Google

This is a very unconventional match. This out of the box combination is sure to steal hearts of many people. You would find that this unorthodox combination is sure to create the perfect balance of light and deep. This is perfect for a very cheerful living area.

Navy Blue has often been termed as a solo color but when paired with a pastel pink, it can actually light up the place like no other. Ask your interior design company in Kolkata to suggest you some other color combinations like these.

Orange and Peach

Orange and Peach
Source: Google

These are the most important fall colors that one can go for. They are the most sought-after colors for the fall season. There’s a hint of warmth and relaxation in this paint mix. You can select from a variety of darker or lighter shades of these colors to refresh your home look. This color combination can go well in the living room or in the hall. You may incorporate a few textured patterns and wall arts to accentuate their appearance.

Teal and Forest Green

Teal and Forest Green
Source: Google

All of these colors come from a family of green tones. They are extremely friendly colors. This will be the ideal makeover for your home this fall season. You should contact interior designers to clarify the colors and color schemes of these shades, and they’re also fine on their own.

There’s too much variety that can be achieved in these shades, too. Additionally, you should combine them with deeper undertone shades like lavender and blue for a great home renovation.

These three color choices are the perfect example that any kind of color combinations will be able to make for a perfect interior decoration color palette. As long as you are choosing the right people and the right interior designing company, you will find that it would be possible to merge all kinds of colors to get your dream place ready.

Kindly reach out to us without any hesitation if you wish to find out about high quality yet affordable interior designing and home painting services.


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