How do you design a hotel room?

When building a hotel, you have to spend a large amount of time working on the rooms. Visitors will be involved in things such as amenities and venue, but if the rooms are not up to the mark, they will search around.

The hotel rooms are the foundation for their visit, so they should always be stylish, spacious and friendly. There are a few main things to keep in mind when decorating a hotel room, so read on for a few ideas from some interior designers in Goa that can help you design rooms that check all the marks and make your hotel rooms more enticing to guests.

Ditch the classics

The classic bed-table-locker combination is no longer enough to make the hotel room feel welcoming. In today’s country, visitors are awaiting surprises, and where else, but away from family and friends. Perhaps that any interior in the modern hospitality industry is so different from the next.

Inventive rooms for leisure travellers, fascinating TV panels and an additional couch next to a king-size bed are just some of the main “additives” for a fashionable hotel room. We’ve also seen color bursts and unique furniture combinations, which will certainly cater to visitors who want to encounter exclusive lodging.

Bathroom with Spa Features

Bathrooms have ceased to be viewed as supplementary rooms, places to be reduced in order to extend living areas. Throughout the trips, the typical traveller wants better than he gets home.

The resort’s spa-like bathroom is an open invitation to comfort and a sure fire way to charm visitors through the illusion of ephemeral elegance. Think of the en-suite suites, the rain showers, the oversized bathtubs, the toilets, the gigantic towels, the beauty objects and plenty of room.

Great Luxurious Lighting


We know how important lighting is as interior decorators. It sets the tone for most of the hotel rooms which should be quiet and welcoming. But if you can’t locate the key, all contentment will be lost automatically.

A multi-way desk switch that switches it off in one go is key. Using illumination efficiently, too. Don’t put a water station on a small table in a dark corner. Place it in an excellently lit position where the microwave or coffee machine can be turned on without the visitor needing to move furniture.

Hang some art on the walls


Artwork is a brilliant way to get the hotel to stand out. You can use visitor photographs or images of your hotel staff members with their consent to turn them into stunning oil paintings.

Any space requires special consideration when building a hotel. Nobody can remain in a hotel with badly built spaces; no matter how nice the services are, so this must be a concern during the design process.

You then need to make sure that the hotel room includes high-quality photographs of the rooms and that the details are comprehensive and understandable. You can also allow visitors to leave the ratings so that other users can get a feel of what the rooms are like from a non-bias point.

We hope these ideas will help you build the perfect hotel room for your hotels.


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