VR Sketching and Where it Fits into the Design Process

VR Sketching
Image Source: Google

When it comes to graphic designing, digital sketching wasn’t a young method on the system for a long period of time, and all this is thanks to the invention of VR sketching.

We are not really going to try to grasp the pros and disadvantages of VR, it’s all going right through the head, but instead we’re going to look at how it works, or maybe doesn’t fit, into the design phase.

Evolution of an industry

VR sketching
Image Source: Google

From the work we’ve seen so far, it seems like Gravity Sketch is the leading player on the market at this early point. There is no question that the progress made is absolutely brain stirring. We doubt that there is a conceptual model out there that is more enjoyable watching being created; each design is effortlessly sculpted.

But there is a big contrast between the art of traditional sketching and the art of VR sketching, and that’s its place in the graphic designing process.

VR might be the new mainstream

Image Source: Google


Thumbnail sketches can be used in the whole process, from the original design thumbnails right up to the marker-made drawing of the finished product, there is no doubt it is the fundamental design expression. You shall learn that in graphics design courses.

But the same cannot be said for VR Sketching, or at least not at the present! But there is a big contrast between both the nature of traditional sketching and the style of VR sketching, and that’s its place in the project design. Sketching may be used in the whole process, from the original design to the completion of the design.

On the other hand of the modeling process, when it comes to the CAD side of things, an incomplete, non-measuring and stylized model is far from a suitable solution to a prototype that has been constructed using more traditional approaches.

The environment where we can see VR sketching succeeding is where it comes to the phase of development; the layout of the setting, the way the artist can communicate with the templates, and the visual style of the designs render variations that are called loose. But when it comes to something somewhat more in-depth or informative, a pen and paper is a much superior option.

graphics designing
Image Source: Google

Every emerging innovation is extremely exciting, particularly if it could disrupt and improve the graphic designing industry. We firmly believe that being able to contrast the models, communicate with them, touch, sound and immerse yourself in the projects will eventually replace the sketch model/prototype. Start looking for searches which include graphics designing course near me and you shall find the apt courses.

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With the pace at which this area is going along, I think we’re just around the corner from being a common experience, but right now, VR Sketching is a technique that adds something useful to the design phase.


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