Interior design ideas for small living room

ceebee design living room

If your dining room, family room, or sitting room is crowded and congested, you won’t want to spend time there. Unless, of course, you trick the eyes into believing the room is greater than it is. It’s not magic; it’s all good styling and arrangement.

Prepare to save all of these ideas and turn your tiny living room into a cozy, luxurious haven for you and your family to rest in. With these ideas from best interior designer in Kolkata; we will help you, you’ll fall in love with the room and never want to abandon it.

Great Smart Lighting with Asymmetry

To conserve floor space, select lighting that can be fixed to the walls or suspended from above. Flip tapestries often open up floor space by giving depth to the walls, making them suitable for narrow living rooms. Suburban home dwellings redefine the word “tiny.”

Use a rotating barn door to divide an alcove bedroom from an adjacent living room to increase privacy and provide reserved spaces for various activities. A smaller sofa is preferable to a large one that takes up the whole space, and one armchair is preferable to two if maintaining a doorway clear is important—plus, asymmetry is stylish.

Rugs and Chairs Matter

Selecting a wider rug, even though it has a bold design, is a technique for making a space seems larger. The big scale, unlike tiny rugs, does not visually break up the floor.

This will also help to anchor the space and provide a strong staple piece from which to plan the rest of the house. Edge seating will also help you make the most of your available room. If you don’t have space for both a couch and party chairs, go for two comfortable armchairs instead. Angle them into the window to facilitate comfortable hangs and discussion while still attracting the eye to it.

Use Ceiling Space

And if you don’t have a lot of square footage or floor area, high ceilings will give you a lot of bang for your buck. To make the most of that elevated room, highlight tall windows with high curtains and eye-catching wallpaper. Curtains hanging high above a door, for example, bring airiness and space to a small space.

Maintain a simple curtain style when adding extra material for contentment. Put in shelves for extra interior decoration or a space zone if you inherit a home with an uncomfortable nook or if you’re renovating an existing room.

If you can’t even build in, floating shelves are another choice. Alternatively, build the middle shelf with enough space to serve as an additional seating alternative.

Use Sophisticated Paint

Warm, shiny walls provide an elegant setting for plain, clean-lined elements as well as bright, bold accents. Make the best of the limited room by making it look like a jewellery box. Painting your roofs the same color as your walls will increase the feeling of familiarity even more. Then have some fun with lighter furniture in the room.

These are some of the most efficient styles you can incorporate to make your tiny flat or apartment look bigger than what it actually is.


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