7 Home Setup Ideas to get you Inspired

Source: CEE BEE Design Studio

There are numerous idea books available that compile some of the trendiest home offices on the internet. . But today, we’d like to share those architecture secrets that our home interior designers in Bangalore directly recommend to our customers. One of the advantages of getting a home office is that you can plan a workspace that is ideal for you. 

Allow yourself the luxury of using a sleek office chair instead of conventional office furniture. Make a spot on the wall for samples, swatches, and useful reminders. Alter the configuration of a room entirely to ensure you have the custom-fit workspaces you need. You have the authority to make this room just as you wish it to be because it is your house and not a cubicle.

Over the years CEE BEE Design Studio has worked on hundreds of projects in several cities. We have jotted down some of the most practical and head turning home setup ideas which are ought to make you feel inspired.

Do the Basics First

Begin with as much natural light as possible.  It keeps you concentrated while still making the room seem larger. To add a sexy dimension, incorporate some earthy colors or metals. Have a couch or a lounge chair so you can rest and take a rest during the day. The most critical aspect of building a home office is ensuring that it reflects your preferences and working style. Having a favorite office room makes life more fun!

CEE BEE Design Studio has designed many a home which has the accurate balance of earthy natural vibe in modern cities.

Smart Storage is the New Trend

It is important to have a well-organized household. Nobody does well in a cluttered, disorganized environment. Don’t be afraid to be inventive about your room. To optimize the organization, integrate vertical and horizontal shelving and cabinetry. 

Open shelving are ideal for decorating without taking up too much room and are an easy fix. The shelves’ sleek construction and secret brackets give them a streamlined appearance that immediately elevates your house. It’s an excellent way to make use of unutilized rooms.

To keep your spaces as clean as possible, use retractable storage. A tidy and clutter-free house stimulates your imagination and increases your productivity!

Upgrade the Tech

Nothing is more infuriating than sitting down to work and realizing you haven’t paired your phone with your Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, the atmosphere is either too hot or too cold. 

Or the lighting is insufficiently dark or bright. Try updating the home technology instead of waking up to get it right. 

Allow yourself to control anything with the click of a button. When you walk into your work space, use a home automation device to play your favorite songs, open the shutters, and flip on the AC.

Make points of focus in the rooms

We still suggest room planning when building your ideal home office. This strategic method means that the architecture of your home office flows well. It assists you in considering where the windows are and where the light is coming from. You don’t want to position your machine in a location where it would be impossible to see the screen early in the evening.

If you do sit at a computer, make sure it is free of clutter. Place all required tools within reach but out of sight. If you would need dual displays, choose a desk with a wider top. This allows you to stretch out and prevents your desk from looking cluttered. A wooden desk has a calming sense of uniqueness.

Create good energy in the rooms

Your home space should be a place where you can work and be efficient. It’s intangible, but there’s a lot to be said in favor of a high-energy room. We spend long periods of time staring at our screens, which is bad for our brains, our backs, and our productivity. To take physical exercise breaks, make sure you’re standing up. 

Create time for the activities you like doing. Display your honors on a bookcase with a few favorite books to highlight your achievements. Set aside a shelf to display items you’ve found on your journeys. Make a display wall out of your favorite family memories or hang your beloved works of art.

Seating should be Comfortable

A home office chair is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture in your office, if not your whole home. It does not, however, have to be the only chair in the room. Moving to another room in the house for a mini break will often result in a lack of concentration. But if this is interfering with your flow, we have a solution. 

Add a stunning accent chair to your home office and you’ll be able to take a 15-minute break without quitting. A lovely chair or chaise lounge is ideal for creating a relaxing room inside your workplace.

Add one or two Luxe things

Workplace materials and furnishings are frequently places that we want to save money. Take care of yourself by doing something you wouldn’t usually do. Luxe office furniture makes every job feel a bit more enjoyable. Find some amazing greeting cards and pens to use on a daily basis. 

Choose a leather organizer or calendar to help you stay coordinated in style. Invest in a new phone, smartphone, or device to help you get the best out of your workday. Find a beautiful Kilim rug while choosing a rug for your office. It’s a traditional, timeless ornamental piece that will be passed on for generations.

Reach out to CEE BEE Design Studio to get personalized and your very own curated design plans for your home spaces.


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