5 best web design tips for when you’re just starting out

Are you now starting out in web design courses in Kolkata? This guide will prepare you to take on your first venture as a beginner. Web design is an essential part of the web creation method. We’re assuming you have an artistic spirit if you’re involved in website designing.

And how could you not be happy about creating your first webpage? Web design is all about creating a practical work of art — so where do you begin? This article will help you figure out what you’d like to know before you start.

Font and Color Selection

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The more fonts you have on a webpage, the more jumbled it would be. Aim for a different font for your templates, body text, and one other feature. If your brand rules require you to use just one font, that’s just good! Simply ensure that the font is easily readable and of sufficient scale.

Your homepage should have a consistent color scheme. Much as fonts, don’t use a slew of various hues; instead, use a color scheme. Often, try to keep all big call-to-action buttons the same color so that guests can easily identify each CTA. If your logo has a main hue, use an online tool to use two or three complementary colors.

Take Inspiration from other websites

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You’ve already come across sites that have mesmerized you with their beautiful architecture. Make a motivation doc with access to your favorite websites, or bookmark them as you go. Pinterest is a fantastic resource for brilliant website design. Representations, book covers, posters, websites, and other forms of design work can be found and pinned for future reference. Designers refer to these sets as mood boards. If you get lost, use mood boards as a simple reference tool. That you can.

And, of course, visit the showcase to see how our programming software is being used in a number of ways. There’s so many fun content to look at and so many models to modify into your own.

Blank space is your ally

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Do you even have a space with balanced walls in your home? We’re guessing you do; seeing crazy-printed wallpaper all over your house will be really annoying. Consider this: if your home was packed with bright, busy walls, no one would ever recognize its design or fixtures and fittings!

The same idea applies to blogs. Don’t want to cram something into every pixel of your pages; instead, welcome white space. By allowing white space on your page, you attract the focus of your users to places that you want them to concentrate on. Furthermore, it makes the web look simpler and less crowded, which is web designing tip 101.

More among Grid Systems

A tidy website design ensures that every text block, icon, and segment is precisely coordinated. This is where a grid structure comes into play; this could be a more approximate tip, but it can make a significant change in the architecture of the website. The following tip and this one go hand in hand, so continue reading!

Develop with Mobile in View

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Responsive web design is the standard for website design nowadays. A grid structure is essential to understand because you would be unable to create a responsive website without one. Follow these tips when you start with website designing courses for optimum results.


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