How do I decorate my bedroom interior?

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We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and while we do focus on the décor and furniture, oftentimes we forget to pay attention to the walls. Although it is important to make sure to paint the walls with the colours that make the room look bigger and brighter, there are other ways to deck up walls too. Here are some of the tips that the top interior design company in Kolkata, 123 Home Paints recommends. 

Accent wall

Take one side of the room where the furniture does not obstruct it. You can take that wall and turn it into a gallery for yourself. You can either hang pictures from your family and friends and make it a memory wall, or you can hang posters from your favourite movies, bands, and TV series as well. 

Frame it

You do not have to limit yourself with just pictures. You can even frame an object that is dear to you. You can hang maybe your first ever guitar or, if you love biking, you can use some fixtures and hang your bike on the wall when you are not using it. Not only does it save space but it gives your room hipster feels. 

Drape it 

If the only wall that is free from furniture has a big window, use some fancy drapes to give your room a nice boho touch. Use neutral-coloured drapes that are also light-weighted and see how you feel breezy and relaxed. You can also use some colourful drapes if you feel like giving your room a pop of colour, but make sure the pattern is not too busy otherwise it might make your room look cluttered. 

Light it 

These days, string lights are extremely popular. Not only do they work fun mood lighting, they also give your room a cool party look. Interior designer in Kolkata, 123 Home Paints, have done up plenty of walls for their clients using lights, so, if you want to give your room a fancy makeover, contact 123 Home Paints

There are plenty of ways to do your walls, you can of course paint it in multiple colours, use wall hangings, frame a large picture, use pretty lights; whatever your needs are, it is possible to get them done. Make sure to first think about what your personal style is accordingly style it up. 


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