What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

Source: CeeBee Design Studio

The most crucial component in creating an efficient and practical kitchen space is getting your kitchen layout correctly. Whether your kitchen is small and cramped or huge and spacious, a sensible plan will make all the difference in making the most of the room. 

There is much more to design than just arranging furniture and cupboards, especially in a kitchen: aesthetics plays a big part as well. Getting the heights right, leaving enough space for comfortable mobility, placing appliances correctly, and making the room easy to use will all contribute to your pleasure of the space.

Here are the 6 crucial Modular Kitchen Layouts used by the best interior designers in Bangalore.

L-Shaped Kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen overcomes the challenge of utilizing corner space and is an excellent design for small and medium-sized kitchens. The adaptable L-shaped kitchen is made out of counters on two non – parallel walls that create an L. The L’s “legs” can be as long as you wish, but keeping them around 15 feet will allow you to make better use of the available space.

You will eliminate traffic using an L-shaped arrangement. The kitchen will not be turned into a roadway. Furthermore, you may simply include a dining area into this design. However, if your kitchen is spacious and can accommodate various layouts, such as installing an island, or if numerous chefs will be utilizing the area, avoid this arrangement.

The One Wall Kitchen

This simplistic structure, which is commonly found in smaller kitchens, saves space without sacrificing functionality. 

The One Wall Kitchen is made out of cabinets built against one wall and can include upper and lower cabinets or shelves over base cabinets, providing a clean design. Because you only have so much width to deal with, raising your cabinets as high as feasible can help you generate more storage space. 

While the classic work pyramid is impossible to achieve in a one-wall kitchen, place your refrigerator on one end. If your cabinets do not reach the ceiling, make advantage of the space over them by keeping less-frequently used goods there. You may utilize this area as a showcase area to reinforce your kitchen’s concept.

The Galley Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, the parallel kitchen or galley kitchen may be the most efficient plan. It may be divided into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ workstations by having two lengthy working areas that face each other. It has plenty of counter space and storage, as well as enough of freedom for mobility. The parallel kitchen is appropriate for most types of homes and may be readily customized to meet your needs.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

If you have a spacious kitchen area in your house, you might also be able to put a U-shaped kitchen plan in there. This arrangement features the most productive work triangle and the largest storage capacity, with ample of upper, lower, and tall shelves. You will also have lots of shelving units, which makes it great for more than one individual to utilize the kitchen at the same period.

Island Modular Kitchen Layout

Having an island kitchen is a dream come true for many individuals! If you have the room, it’s a stunning, modern alternative. It mixes a straight-line or L-shaped kitchen design with an unattached island space. The island may be utilized as an additional counter space, a dining area, a bar counter, or your favorite baking nook. It can also have a sink and a cook top. This kitchen arrangement is perfect for open plan dining and socializing, with diametrically opposed working surfaces and shared storage.

Because of their versatility, these kitchens have evolved into the center of the house, where the family members gathers to eat, dine, and discuss.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is essentially a linked island that converts an L-shaped layout into a horseshoe or a horseshoe kitchen into a G-shaped design. Peninsulas work similarly to islands, but provide extra headroom in kitchens that lack the necessary square footage for a real island.

Like anything you see? Well, CEE BEE Design Studio will help you curate the most fantastic designs for your kitchen. Talk to us and our professional designers will help you get the kitchen of your dreams.


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