The Best Windowless Bathroom Paint Colours May Surprise You

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The phrase ‘windowless bathroom’ may sound frightening. To think of choosing the best paint colour for your small, windowless bathroom may sound even more threatening. However, there are a lot of options to choose from provided you consider hiring the professional home painting services of 123 Home Solutions. Bathroom paint colours add value to your windowless bathrooms, 123 Home Solutions is one of the most sought after Paints Company in Kolkata that understands this notion very well. The 123 Home Solutions professionals note the overall ambiance of your bathroom and consider the colour psychology that goes into the process.

The best paint colour options for your windowless bathroom:

It is not considered a good idea to paint a tiny windowless bathroom in dark colours. The 123 Home Solutions home painters near Kolkata will definitely suggest you to choose from the below mentioned brighter hues that reflect light and make the bathroom look more spacious.

·         Blue grey:

Try contrasting wooden frames with pale grey bathroom walls and ceiling. This colour option adds warmth and authenticity to your bathroom.

·         White:

Bright artificial light can brighten up the pristine white bathroom walls. This classic colour can make your windowless bathroom look airy.

·         Off-white:

Shades of awesome off-white colours will illuminate your bathroom walls. This colour option is great for a bathroom of any size.

·         Cream:

The cream colour can make any windowless bathroom look warmer and breezy. This cheery colour lends a cozy ambiance to your glum windowless bathroom.

·         Pale yellow:

The welcoming pale yellow colour can jazz up your small windowless bathroom like nothing else. This colour option is perfect for modern bathrooms.

·         Purple:

Shades of muted purple can do wonders for a small bathroom. The soft, soothing and elegant appeal of the colour can lift your mood.

·         Teal raindrop:

The stylish teal paint colour goes well with both dark and white details. This colour can create a mysterious yet relaxing environment in your windowless bathroom.

·         Seafoam green:

The punch of mint or seafoam green tones when contrasted with light colour tiles can add the X factor to your windowless bathroom.

·         Ash grey:

When windowless bathrooms are painted in ash grey colour and combined with minimal charcoal elements it creates a monochrome heaven.

·         Booth bay:

The timeless and neutral booth bay paint colour can help create a soothing ambience in your small windowless bathroom.

·         Beige:

The neutral shade of Beige adds depth to your small windowless bathroom space. This colour offers a canvas to be decorated as per your choice.

·         Light grey:

Light grey is a popular choice for bathrooms. This paint colour adds a fresh feel and depth to your bathroom.

·         Light blue:

Light blue is a cool colour and a perfect choice for bathrooms. This hue offers a fresh, spirited look to the small bathroom devoid of windows.

·         Greige:

Ever heard of “greige”?  It’s a blend of grey and beige paint colours. This combination is at the peak of popularity in recent times. This neutral colour offers a balanced look to your bathroom without windows.

To conclude, 123 Home Solutions understands the needs of each of their clients and suggests appropriate bathroom paint colors for small windowless bathrooms.


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