5 Ways to Style a Small Bedroom

Cee Bee Design Studio
Image Source: Cee Bee Design Studio

Is your little bedroom bothering you? We understand. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 small-bedroom ideas to help you utilize your space and breathe fresh life into your area.

Are you ready to accept your little bedroom? Continue reading for suggestions from some of the top home interior designers in Kolkata on how to make the most of your small bedroom, including design, décor, and arrangement ideas, as well as professional advice from top interior designers.

Keep the Layout Simple

The arrangement of the little bedroom isn’t a magic trick. There’s generally an apparent primary wall to put the bed on, and I don’t like to get too smart as far as placement—like hovering the bed frame in the center of the room or at an angle in the corner.  The designer also recommends positioning the bed in the center of the main wall rather than forcing one side up against the neighboring wall. Having enough space to stroll on both sides is important not only for room flow but also for giving you enough space to make your bed, if you’re like that kind of thing.

Hanging Lights

It’s no surprise that pendant lights are popular among interior designers for adorning tiny areas. If bedside tables, light stands, and lampshades stifle your style, opt for hanging lights to free up floor space around your bed and add a touch of elegance to the space. Pendant lights on either side of the bed are recommended by interior designers for symmetry and hotel-inspired elegance.

Use dreamlike pendant lights to match the color palette of the entire area, while a bay window brings in lots of natural light and helps to open up the space.

Ask your interior decorators to customise a lighting plan as per your preference.

Try for Symmetry

The first arrangement is the one very much in trend for people having little home. The bed is centered beneath a huge window; there are bedside tables on each side with barely enough room to fit through, and an open closet on the other wall. Because the wardrobe has no door swing, you will be able to squeeze in a chest of drawers between, although it’s a tight fit.

Most of us would like symmetrical bedrooms with easy access to both sides of the bed, if only for changing linens. This type of symmetry will help make a bedroom appear larger. To make it feasible, reduce the size of your bedside table and consider height rather than breadth for your storage.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors can do miracles to open up small areas, especially if you don’t have the benefit of floor-to-ceiling windows. Mirrors should be positioned such that they reflect the natural light coming in from the windows. They really accentuate your home interior design. Another wonderful method to spread the light—literally—is to place mirrors on either side of the bed behind lampshades or pendant lights.

Analyze how the room works

To make the most of a tiny bedroom, you must first choose how you intend to use the area. Of course, sleeping is a given, but you may also wish to utilize the room as a home office or a place to get ready in the morning. To accommodate several functions, you’ll most likely need to be creative with bedroom furniture arrangements. For example, you might position the desk next to the wall near your bed to serve as both a nightstand and a workspace. Try moving your dresser to the closet to free up floor space in the main bedroom area.


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