Top Interior Design Trends for 2022: What’s Hot, What’s Not

We have all been stuck inside our houses due to the widespread pandemic reigning for the last couple of years. Being not able to step outside our home has driven our attention to the interior design embodied by them. We all appreciate small changes as it gives us a break from the monotonousness of everyday. While all of us want to renovate our houses and transform its familiar look, not all of us are apt at doing this. This is precisely where the residential interior designers come in to the scene re-decorate and revamp our houses to make it appear as if new. In this post we are going to discuss about residential interior designers in Bangalore for 2022, what’s hot, what’s not.

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Comforting Curves

Gone are the days when people chose sharp and angular pattern in interior designs. They have been replaced by circles, curves, and waves which are perceived to be comforting and giving a sense of peace. The sharp edges, cones and angles have been done away with as they were disrupting the stability and ease which are the most sought after features in a home. The curvy and feminine lines are not necessarily plump and exaggerated, but soft to the eye and the hand which create an overall relaxed and comfortable feel within the space.

Playing to the Senses

In today’s pandemic-ridden home-bound world, a lot of people are stressing on the necessity of different aromas emanating from specific areas of the house. Just as plants like sage could be planted in the study room to increase the mental acuity, the bedroom could be scented with fragrance of orange blossom to promote quality sleep. The smell of a room has a profound impact on the mental health and well being of a person and it is useful to be surrounded by a positive vibe.

Interior Designs

Back to Nature

The one trend that has been on the rise since the pandemic is nature-themed interior decorations. A totally hot thing to do now is to choose to incorporate shades of green as much as possible be it on the walls or as the colour of upholstery. Planting green trees at various spaces of the house has increased as people are trying to bring the outdoor inside. The urge for biophilic practices is increasing day by day as more people are trying to be connected with nature. As a matter of fact, the past favourite colour of blue has been replaced by green.

Warm Neutrals

Something that is totally a not for 2022 is cold or vibrant colours. On the contrary what are in fashion are various shades of brown and white. According to experts, we will see the resurgence of warmer colour palettes and a subtle shift back to creams, beige, and nudes. Earthy shades are being preferred now and similar other neutral colours like tan or taupe with soft pink are all the rage as these colours help establish an atmosphere of safety, ease, and comfort.

Vibrant Colours

Layers and Texture

Something that is currently in trend everywhere is layered and textured design. Just like in fashion industry, layers and textures are being widely used in the interior designing industry too. Room walls are receiving textural treatments through techniques like lime-washing and paint products that mimic plaster finishes. Furniture and accessories are being arranged in a manner to give the impression of layers. Simultaneously in the choice of fabric people are predicted to opt for textures.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a fresh and revamped look for your house, attempt to renovate it or rearrange the decorations. If you are an inexperienced person you can take the help of a professional like CeeBee Design, best interior design studios in Bangalore. The mission statement of this residential interior designer in Bangalore is Transforming Spaces Transforming Lives. Known for their state-of-the-art designs and a dedicated team of designers in major parts of India, this is your solution for all home designing needs.


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