Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas That will Make It Stand Out

A well-furnished kitchen adds to the ethos of a house not just because of its functionality but also because of its appearance. One of the inevitable spaces that home buyers look for these days is presence a compact modular kitchen. In order to know about designs and cost of a modular kitchen for your apartment in Bangalore, you will have to take the help of an interior design company. Unlike the traditional kitchen which usually involved a larger space and bigger furniture, modular kitchen are smaller and condensed. As the name suggests, modular kitchen comprises of modular units or cabinets. The kitchen space is divided into multiple units where space is demarcated for performing various activities and for storage.Modular kitchens have proved to be a great blessing as it involves lesser space and are easier to manage. As these have proved to be functional and long-lasting, it is important to decorate them in a manner to maximise its efficiency. This blog discusses some of the interior design ideas that will make your modular kitchen remarkable along with the details of an interior designer in Bangalore.

Kitchen Interior Design

Substitute Cabinets with Drawers

Whether your kitchen area is small or not, you can make the wise decision to replace the kitchen cabinets with drawers as much as possible. Cupboards or cabinets do not offer as much storage space as drawers. Additionally, drawers are convenient to use, easier to access, and comes in various sizes. Apart from this, you can also have pull-outs installed in your cupboard.

Add a False Ceiling

Installing a false ceiling in your kitchen can enhance its look by multiple times. Bright lights along with a false ceiling create the sense of a distributed look which makes the kitchen appear lively and soothing.

An Island Counter

If the kitchen area is spacious you can opt to have an island counter which will serve as a breakfast corner and storage for crockery.The kitchen island would also be adequately big for you to cut and chop vegetables, thus also acting as a prep area.

Incorporate Shiny and Reflective Furnishings

As it is, the space in a modular kitchen is limited, therefore, it would be a judicious decision to incorporate reflective and shiny furnishings in order to create an illusion of space. Adding a glass door or reflective tiles seem to make the space appear bigger.

Solid Surface Countertop

Instead of opting for granite countertop, opt for a solid surface countertop made of substance like acrylic polymers. Although solid surface is expensive compared to granite yet they are available in various shades.

Modular kitchen Design


It is extremely important in contemporary life to have a house with modular kitchen. These kitchens are better adapted to the modern fast-paced lifestyle. Apart from getting the job done, modular kitchens take up lesser space, and are aesthetically pleasing. One of the advantages these have over conventional kitchen is that the separate units and cabinets can be dismantled and rearranged in another space of choice. Although features of this kitchen can be optimized and prove to be handy yet they come at a price higher than regular kitchens. Additionally, you have to take the help of some professional agency to get this sort of kitchen installed. CEEBEE Design Studio is a top interior design company in Bangalore which offers myriad services related to interior designing. With a team consisting of expert and qualified designers, they provide these services at an affordable rate. Do not forget to check out the services offered by them if you are thinking of getting a modular kitchen in your home soon.


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