How to Beautify your Drawing cum Dining Room and Kitchen Area


In today’s era of fast-paced life, it is important to have a composite area boasting the perfect combination of the dining space, living area, and kitchen. There are many advantages of having this kind of useful space of the house next to one another. The living room is one of the most important spaces where you can not only laze during your free hours but also entertain relatives and friends. As the kitchen and dining table are situated right beside, you do not have to take the trouble to journey to another space. Indeed having meals together is one of the greatest socializing acts that we indulge in. This appropriate setting of the three areas is the perfect place for you to conduct activities like watching television together while grabbing a quick bite. If you are not sure how to have the interior decoration of your house done, you can employ the professional services of an interior designer. Cee Bee Design Studio is the leading interior design company in Bangalore that provides you with an array of services owing to which you will be able to transform the space of your desire.

Living and Dining Area

A signature couch

The primary steel-coloured sofa is the accent piece that defines the entire space. The side sofas of yellow colour facilitate more people to assemble in the living room. You can opt for reading a book on a Sunday or spending quality time with all your family members. The spare cushions with intricately patterned cushion covers add to the charm of the place making it more yearning and comfortable. The centre table in the middle is square-shaped with a yellow border which matches the sober yellow colour of the sofa. The ivory showpiece on the centre tables is beautifully set against the black top of the table. The ceiling fan too has a unique design which adds to the beauty of the space.

Hanging lamps and shining material

Incorporate shining material in your kitchen to make the space appear bigger. The three hanging lamps are golden in colour which adds to the golden tone of the space. The yellow-themed tiles of the kitchen increase the warmth and contrast well with the black cupboards underneath the counter. The side of the kitchen facing the living room has an unoccupied kitchen from where you could have fast refreshments without having to go to the dining table. The kitchen is well-equipped with a water purifier and the necessary pots and pans. The small window also helps to allow proper ventilation while not making the space appear claustrophobic.

The dining area The second thing that catches your eye after the sofa is the dining space. The chairs around the table are a mixture of exquisitely patterned chairs along with yellow chairs. The granite top of the table is the perfect platform for you to have your meals. The glass, bowls, and black fruit holder grants the tabletop a neat and tidy look. The cabinet behind the dining table makes it possible for you to store essential stuff. The transparent-looking door with the figure of peacock over it adds to the aesthetically pleasing attitude of the space. The series of the spotlight like pendant lamps hanging from above matches with those hanging in the entrance of the kitchen.

Dining Room

A place to pray

The entire space covering dining, kitchen, and drawing rooms have a tiny nook where you can offer your daily worship to your chosen deity. The place is beautifully decorated with wallpaper depicting a religious symbol. The cabinets help you to store the accessories you need to perform the puja or prayer. You can choose to place the idols of the deity of your choice on top of the platform provided by the cabinet. The place looks minimalistic while letting you feature the needful items. This image provides us with a brilliant instance of what interior designers can do to transform the monotonous space that you have resided in for long. Be it your newly purchased apartment or your old family house, if you want to give your house a makeover, Cee Bee Design Services is the company you should opt for. Be it a rustic European look or a traditional Indian one, they provide services which would not only suit your house but also will save your time and money.


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