How to Have an Eye-catching Interior Design for Your Living Room

Living rooms…ah! That sweet spot has presented us with memorable and pleasant memories.

All of us have several delightful and nostalgic stories to share when it comes to discussing living rooms.

Living rooms are the most perfect space in the house to arrange not just family get-togethers but also entertain the sudden visitor.

Who can forget the pleasant memory of watching movies with our loved ones or enjoying hearty chit-chats along with refreshments with our guests?

Not all of us possess the creative capability to make our interiors look dreamy and attractive.

Top interior designers like Ceebee can offer us precisely this service which would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also the utility of our living rooms.

If you are craving some fresh ideas to decorate your familiar living room, read this blog to get an idea from the splendid work done by one of the leading interior design firms in Bangalore, Cee Bee Design Studio.  

Whether you are looking for interior decorator in Bangalore or top interior designers in Kolkata, the first choice should be Cee Bee Design Studio.

This article would elucidate in detail how you can have that living room out of a film that you have always yearned for.

That Chic Living Room which is both Trendy and Tranquil

Upon entering this living room what catches our eye is the ornamental design on the white pillar which is quite an uncommon accessory.

Although this living room seems rather stuffy at first yet we notice the sense of wideness given by the open-view glass window which covers one of the walls.

The expert designers have opted for a look of opulence along with sophistication as can be evinced by colour scheme that has been implemented.

The colours of the sofas have been used in a mix and match pattern while we also get a glimpse of the dining area.

As your guest reclines on the comfy sofa she is bound to notice the remarkable ceiling which resembles being comprised of wooden planks.

Just as in this dining room you should also keep the option of facilitating the interplay of natural light along with the artificial lights so meticulously planned out and placed by the team of designers.

A Living Room to Transport You to Antiquity

This evergreen and classic living room design gives the inhabitants a feeling as if they have been transferred into the age of antiquity.

The tasteful wood colour that becomes the attraction of the living room and the adjacent dining space is what would make you feel that this location is different from the rest.

Although there is no window in sight yet we have to appreciate this spacious and well-lit living space.

The lighting pattern has been arranged in such a manner that we find neither a corner of darkness nor a place to linger around.

This living room has been designed in such a way that it exudes neatness and organisation which rather decreases the comfortability quotient.

Nonetheless, you can make space for a comfy and leisurely hang-out with your best friend thanks to the white cushions on the plush leather chesterfield sofa.

The square wooden table in the middle of the room is a very unique piece of furniture but the glass vase holding the blooming flowers breathes life into the rather solemn-looking room.

The lights have been installed just beneath the ceiling in a very creative manner and slip off the silky off-white walls to create a play of lights and shades on the gorgeous marble floor.

This dynamic living room can be used for a formal meeting as well as an informal reunion.

Nature Comes to Your Rescue in This Living

Not just the airy and nature-inspired theme of the room but the custom-made design elements would draw attention to anyone stepping inside this living room.

This modern and contemporary living room design boasts of a green plant along with a series of wonderful paintings of various sizes on the wall.

The marble-top centre table is the first thing you notice when you sit on the mattress-layered dark brown sofa and admire now the unique concept of two circles overlapping has been executed.

A tiled area partitions the sofa from the plant while also functioning as a storage area to feature decorative items.

The yellowish tint on the walls along with the conspicuous ceiling fan makes you feel the domesticity where you can relax and have a tête-à-tête with your beloved partner or even let your kids laze around.

The furniture opposite the sofa boasts of a bell-like design whereas the wall behind the sofa showcases a designer wall clock. 

While appreciating the aesthetic beauty of the room, do not forget to consider the part played by the wonderful ceiling which is simplistic yet stands apart.

Besides the entry of the natural light, the designers have added the lights in such a manner that it emits a soft glow while also allowing you to carry out an activity of your choice.

This Roomy and Well-lit Living Would Instantly Lift Your Mood

Last but not least this living area has ample space to allow movements of various kinds while also allowing you to entertain your guests.

We tend to notice the smooth Italian marble floor first but then our gaze turns towards the furnishings and the surrounding which is reflected on the shiny surface.

One of the walls has been decorated with a shiny wood-like structure whereas we also get a glimpse of the outside balcony area.

The uniquely designed marble top tea table grabs our eyes while we also appreciate the contrast created by the posh black sofa with the white marble.

After taking a seat on this cosy black sofa you get the opportunity to appreciate the remarkable design of the ceiling fan and the extraordinary piece of painting on the wall.

The designers have placed the small carpets on the floor very strategically and we are mesmerised by the marvellous design pattern that the designers have carried out painstakingly.

Did you get inspired enough to rearrange the pattern of your living room?

Or are you still at a loss about figuring out the perfect way?

You simply don’t have to worry whether it is renovation work or installing a novel interior decor, simply placed a call to the Kolkata interior designer Cee Bee Design Studio.

The reputed interior design company right now is Cee Bee Design studio and you can check their website to get an idea of the types of wonderful projects they work on.

You may be searching for office interior designers or interior design firms in Bangalore, the solution to your query is Cee Bee. They offer a range of interior design services including turnkey execution and planning of interior designing.

You can trust Kolkata interior designer Cee Bee Design studio to complete your interior decoration jobs as they not only provide superior quality work on time but also incorporate the choices and preferences of its clients.


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