Stylish and Creative Design Ideas for Kids’ Bedroom

Whether you have come in possession of a new apartment or want to redesign your old residence, the one thing that you should keep in mind is the requirements of the little ones of your family.

As it is the growth and development period for the beloved children of your home, you should ensure that they get a delightful experience that they will get to cherish forever.

In order for a child to grow up as a healthy and wholesome human being, proper care should be taken particularly in childhood.

One of the primary steps to gift your child a hale and hearty childhood is by allotting a separate room of their own where they can enjoy the requisite space and privacy.

If you are worried about how to decorate the room for your children, take a look at these marvelous projects done by Cee Bee Design studio.

Cee Bee Design Studio is one of the most notable interior design firms in Kolkata that provides you with sundry home decoration services apart from turnkey execution.

Read on this blog to be mesmerized and get inspired by the fascinating kids’ bedrooms that they have handed over to their gleeful clients.

A Modern and Trending Bedroom for the Curious Kid

Is your kid curious and restless, and keeps you asking about a hundred different things?

You might choose to pick this particular style of interior design for your kid’s most desired room.

If your kid already displays a knack for science or speaks about being an astronaut, you can present her/him with this room out of a sci-fi movie.

This small yet cosy room with its bespoke lighting pattern and wallpaper would help your kid to expand the boundary of his imagination.

This rather stylish yet well-groomed room boasts a cushioned divan bed along with two bedside tables.

Undoubtedly, the lighting pattern of this room would attract the visitor’s eye while keeping the child interested and motivated.

The customized wall painting along with the photograph and the cool pillowcases and bed sheet make the children feel this space belongs to them and they yearn for more of it!

Let your kid’s imagination take flight guided by the airplane-shaped lamps on the wall behind the bed.

The Dream Bedroom for your Adorable Daughter

So, you want to impress your daughter by gifting her a room that would not only nurture her aspirations but also emit a girly vibe?

You might want to check out this catchy and cute room with a pleasant and soothing ambience which would be the perfect one for your precious little daughter.

The false ceiling along with the fluffy bedroom equipped with cuddly blankets and Disney’s Snow White bed sheet would make your very own little princess as if she is residing in a fairy castle.

We get a full view of the custom-made storage-cum-study table that has a beautiful window shade-like arch above it while boasting of stuffed toys and a dummy telescope.

Your sweet daughter will feel that not only has her parents made her Disney world dream come true but also have given her full scope of exploring the future scientist/ artist in her.

The Complete Bedroom with Bespoke Storage

This uniquely modern and ambrosial bedroom has the feature that is indispensable in a budding kid’s bedroom. 

This is the same bedroom that we have discussed in the above paragraph but here we get a close-up of the pretty pink Barbie closet.

If nothing else, this fancy cupboard would make your daughter store her clothes and other valued belongings in a neat and tidy manner inside this storage.

The wall on the right side of the closet boasts a wooden fixture which grants the overall room an appealing and exclusive look.

Your very own charming princess would not want to leave her nest as this bedroom encompasses the best of both worlds – fiction and technology.

The Kid’s Bedroom with a Twist

Although this room might appear rather austere as compared to the previous ones you have witnessed yet it is deceptively simple, to say the least.

This dynamic bedroom might not be as elaborately designed as the previous ones that you scanned but it certainly is one of the most vibrant and colourful kid’s rooms you will come across.

To begin with, the most prized asset of this room is the ceiling that resembles a piece of sky. The carved circle in the centre gives you the impression of infinity as you admire it hanging from the clouds!

The double-storied bedroom makes it perfect for families with two siblings.

The transparent glass door allows the abundant play of natural daylight while the lights attached to the false ceiling add personality to the room.

The rather minimalistic yet functional décor of the room makes the children develop an attachment to it while not getting sidetracked in accomplishing their daily goals.

We cannot but appreciate the mix-and-match of the colours blue and yellow which has been seamlessly done.

The study tables along with the cupboards overhead form the ideal study corner for the siblings to carry out their homework as well as play games or listen to music.

Why Cee Bee Design Studio?

Cee Bee Design Studio is one of the most renowned interior design studios in Bangalore as it not only offers a diverse range of services but also uses state-of-the-art infrastructure to achieve the same.

Perhaps you desire to have a rustic European look in your house to grant you that feeling of sophistication and nostalgia. Or maybe, you wish to have a contemporary Indian look installed in your space of desire?

Do not hesitate to contact Cee Bee Design Studio as they offer the finest services that are both pocket-friendly and punctual.

You have to check out their website to get a sense of how vast their range of services is and you would simply be wowed by the impeccable sense of design of the team of expert designers.


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