How can you decorate your Home in 2022?

We have spent our time for the most part in the past couple of years confined to our respective residences. This increased point of contact has enabled us to develop a new relationship with our houses as we have got more time to reflect on our equation with it. After spending an extended period of time we have grown too accustomed and perhaps grown tired of the same old interiors. As we have also had the opportunity of saving on our expenses during the pandemic the right decision for us would be to employ the services of a professional interior designer. While getting the interior decoration of your house you have to choose the right company and be aware of the trends that are currently trending. Cee Bee Design Studio is the best interior designer in Kolkata that would make the task of refurbishing or decking up your house a smooth and seamless one.  Read on this blog to be informed about the latest interior design pattern in 2022.

Curved Furniture Silhouettes

Although the sharp and angular lines will always be something that is popular yet people are now opting for curvy and feminine shapes that emit a comfortable and relaxing vibe. At the time when a global pandemic is raging outside, sharp and angular lines add to the instability of the mind and increase anxiety. In order to maintain peace of mind while the lockdown restricts our normal way of life, feminine and comfortable curves are being incorporated in the pattern of furnishings.

Decorative Cabinetry

The shaker style of cabinet profile is the one that people recognise the most. Nevertheless, expert designers are predicting that the shaker style would be replaced by more creative cabinetry styles. If you are looking for a contemporary look, you can opt for vertical panelled door detail or a flat-panel style. The standard shaker is now being moved to the backseat yielding the place to the bevelled shaker cabinets.

Sustainable Practices

The latest feature that homeowners and property-makers are practising now is sustainability. Second-hand wooden furniture and sustainable eco-friendly materials are now being used more and more in the adorning of the houses. Some of the essential home decor items that are being used are smart thermostats and novel recycled water systems all of which use green technology and thus, are environment-friendly alternatives.

Abundance of Texture

When you opt for using different types of textures in combination with basic neutral palettes they can appear layered and outstanding. There will be increased use of textures in 2022 and it is something that is not unwelcome. Soft velvet and boucle fabrics would be amalgamated with woven furniture and sisal carpets. This in turn helps you to provide a warm and inviting space.

Parisian-inspired Interiors

While tourism and travelling have been the most dreaded activity in the duration of the pandemic, we can surely be inspired by the interior decor from other nations. One of the popular home trends that we would witness a rise in is Parisian-inspired decor. The combination of materials and colours would be the focal point as metallics and pastels would be coming together. In order to recreate the dreamy, warm, and soft you can incorporate shiny and reflective materials such as translucent glass and iridescent crystals.

Arrange for a Striking Entrance

One of the aspects that we usually overlook is the foyer or entrance area but this is the feature that our visitors notice at first. We can choose to be fun and creative with our house entrance to make sure that we create a lasting impression on your guests. From vintage rugs to books and baskets do not be afraid to turn this space amazing.

If you are feeling lost in the decision-making process, the simplest option for you would be to take the help of a professional interior designer. Cee Bee Design Studio is the most reputed company providing myriad home interior design services. From planning and designing to turnkey execution of interior designing and modular kitchens, this company with a pan-India presence offers a diverse range of choices to choose from. If you are thinking of giving your house a makeover in the current trends, you have to check out their website to know more about the home decoration services offered by them.

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