What is commercial design in interior design?

Have you been to a shopping mall whose overall ambience simply stunned you? Well, we do not come across these picture perfect scenarios magically or accidentally. Expert designers are in charge of the interior design of these commercial properties. Cee Bee Design Studio Bangalore is one of the top interior designers. They offer diverse services that transform the interiors. 

Commercial design is a type of interior design that we notice in and around businesses or commercially owned properties. We do not found garbage littered in and around an airport or a restaurant precisely owing to the factor of commercial design. 

Wondering how commercial design differs from the more popular and well-known phrase of interior design?

Residential interior designers focus on homes and apartments owned by individual or family whereas commercial designers conceptualize spaces for businesses. You will see commercial designing in places like auditoriums, spas, hospitals, libraries, and schools, and other such areas.

Why is this distinction necessary?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ The purposes served by these spaces are widely different. Therefore, the design has to be different too. The atmosphere must match the activity that is going to be carried there. Residential place is about creating warm and welcoming spaces for the homeowners. The commercial design aims to boost the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a space for monetary gain. 

It might be a deluxe hotel developer or the owner of a small business. The task of the commercial interior designer is to translate the vision of the client into ways that are practical, profitable, and trending. The scope of the task is much larger compared to residential projects. The veteran commercial interior designers at Cee Bee Design Studio handle these tasks dexterously. 

What does a commercial interior designer do?

Commercial interior designers are responsible for maximizing the functionality and safety while taking care of the aesthetic appeal. For example, a luxury hotel aims to accommodate a certain number of guests to increase its profits. But to do so, it has to impress the guests with spacious rooms, modern washrooms, and in-house service facilities. It might include high end amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, and restaurant-cum-bar. 

It comes under the task of a commercial interior designer to achieve all these and make the space usable and eye-catching. When it comes to blending utility with enchanting quality of a business, your first choice should be skillful services of Cee Bee Design Studio. 

Professional commercial designers know how to plan the space without sacrificing the design aspect. They are also responsible for ensuring that the materials used in the physical structure are up to code and safe. Generally involved with renovation and construction process, they work in collaboration with the contractors and manufacturers. Together they come up with decisions on architectural details, lighting, floor, and ceiling design, and technological upgrades. 

What are the tasks of a commercial designer?

Commercial interior designers define the project’s scope of work, illustrate schematics, and blueprints. They also select the right materials, supervise the budgeting and scheduling along with other related activities. 

When the production phase gets over, the designer then transforms the physical structure into a living and breathing space into the decoration process. The trained designers choose the style and the motifs that are suitable for that particular business. Then they make the area come alive with the right color schemes, furniture, fabrics, wall and window treatments, artwork, and accessories.  Cee Bee Design Studio is one of the office interior designer in Kolkata with a pan-India presence. Their talented and veteran interior designer can transform a falling business into a booming one. They are adept at working on fast-paced projects and have the ability to communicate the vision articulately. Being competent to handle and conceptualize large spaces, they deliver finished projects that the clients and the guests long to visit.  They have come to be the leading interior design company thanks to their punctual delivery and budget-friendly services. Visit their website today to explore in detail the amazing services done by them. You would be mesmerized by the vast array of marvelous projects completed by them!


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