Modern Home Interior Design for 4BHK Flat | Cee Bee Design Studio

Intro to this Home Interior Design Project

CeeBee Design Studio has always believed in standing out from the crowd. We have always believed in creating spaces which speak with the aesthetic and decor style of our clients. This project is very special to our hearts for more than just one reason.

This property was for our lovely clients Mr Abhik and Mrs Arpita. We have been with them from scratch on the project till its execution.

How do our interior decorators design this 4BHK Flat?

They had done their fair share of research on interior design firms in Kolkata. After being impressed with our YouTube videos, they approached us and asked us to design their property. It was a very smooth process working with them. As Mr Abhik said, they liked most of our proposals and ideas in the first shot itself. Only a few changes were made here and there while the execution and planning process was going on.

Since the couple was commuting out of town too, we kept that in mind. We left no stone unturned to keep a smooth channel of communication with them. Our interior designers and planning team would constantly keep them updated on what was going on. This way they felt more comfortable with the designing process in totality.

The foyer is one of the main highlights of this home. It highlights the entrance. We went for a serene buddha silhouette with a pop of blue and white color. It is very serene and encapsulates the vibe of our clients.

How CeeBee Design’s Interior Designers Executed this 4BHK Flat?

The study and sofa area are among the clients’ favorites. They are really into that. The bedroom for this property for the parents is slightly different than what you might be used to seeing previously. It is extremely cozy and homely. Other than the bed, we have created a small cozy sitting area by the window. You can just sit there, sip a cup of coffee and relax. It makes the bedroom multi-functional as well. The bedroom is extremely fancy with the wall texture art.

However, we have kept a touch of ethnicity alive in the designs as well. We have kept a very somber set of color palette to keep the area looking soothing.

The dresser is laminate finish. It is the perfect blend of modern yet classy in all senses, to be honest when you take a look at this bedroom.

One room has been designed in a practical yet efficient way. We designed it in such a manner that it could be converted into a study cum yoga area when required. It is one of the most versatile rooms you might ever see. We added a pulldown bed. This gives you the needed floor space when you’re there and can be turned into a guest room when someone comes over.

To balance the look, we have given open shelves and countertops thus giving it more of a sophisticated look. The best part about the whole decor of this home is that it is multi-functional, efficient and very practical.

To check out the entire decor, you can click here and watch the video on YouTube. CeeBee Design Studio is one of the leading interior design firms in Bangalore, Kolkata and a few other cities where it is based. You can contact us for any kind of home design and consultation needs.


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