Home Interior Design With Indian Art Style

Indian traditional interior design is exotic, affluent, and brimming with a royal and seductive appearance. My first two words that spring to me are symmetry and balance. Through the use of furniture, colors, and furniture placements, it creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The interiors of an Indian home are frequently described as exotic, intriguing, and sophisticated. Every interior space in India exhibits the unique culture, art, and history that India is renowned for. The distinctive element that distinguishes an Indian interior from other homes is what makes an Indian home special. Look at some descriptions from an interior company.

Elements to add in an Indian Home Decor

Indian interior design accents for your home:

  • Brass lamps with a statement that may double as a decorative item when not in use. These are exquisitely made lighting fixtures.
  • Paintings from various Indian locations that represent a particular tradition or honour significant moments in Indian history. For instance, pattachitra, Tanjore paintings, Madhubani paintings, etc.
  • Every Indian household must have the common clay pots and ceramic cookware that are popular in different regions of the country.

A deep knowledge of the topics is very important while practicing the art of interior design. Many people have adapted to new interior design trends as a result of the modern lifestyle, drawing inspiration from different nations.

Choose a Vivid Color Palette

Additionally, a lot of people are attracted to Indian-inspired interior decor. Vibrant color schemes are a defining characteristic of Indian home design. The variety of colors generates a feeling of richness and vibrancy. Its color palette is precisely defined by the employment of intense, dark, and brilliant hues or deep burnt colors against strong, dramatic backdrops.

Pink and yellow are the two hues that stand out the most in them, while blue and green are employed for smaller items like chairs and pillowcases. Along with bold hues, they also like to use earthy tones like ochre yellows and burned oranges for the walls and occasionally the floors.

Ample scope with Furniture Designs

Another feature of Indian decor is solid wood furniture. Curved edges, inlay work, and carvings distinguish Indian furniture. Indian architecture and history are used as inspiration while carving intricate items out of solid wood. Some common furniture designs include center tables, short stools, jharokas, and chests of heavily carved wood.

Solid wood is used mostly in Indian furniture construction. They employ beautiful craftsmanship and select the greatest classic pieces with curved legs and carvings to improve the overall appearance of the room. Others may disagree, but I believe they priorities quality over aesthetics.

Furniture is built to last for centuries. They blend elaborate center pieces with furniture, which go together beautifully. interior company in Bangalore often suggest custom furniture for home decor.

Innovative and Traditional Flooring

An important aspect of Indian interior design is the flooring. India is warm since it is a tropical nation. As a result, the flooring was created with the goal of keeping the house cool. All of these floor coverings are simple to maintain and offer the interiors a tidy appearance.

Since the majority of the year in India is sunny, flooring is crucial to keeping homes cool. The primary flooring material in the majority of Indian homes is either tile, marble, or granite. This kind of flooring is more resilient, more long-lasting, and requires less upkeep.

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