Commercial Office Interior Designers in Kolkata: Top 7

For your firm to be successful, your commercial office’s interior design is essential. Because they’ll be devoting more time at work than at residence, you should concentrate on creating an environment that fosters efficiency, productivity, and a positive work environment.

Updating the interiors of commercial offices will provide your staff with a cosy and inviting work environment.

The best 7 office interior designers in Kolkata are listed here.

123Home Paints

123Home Paints is one of the leading office interior designers in Kolkata. This interior design company believes in providing curated and customised solutions. When you make the design plan with the team; they will understand what it is you are looking for in your office space. Based on your business, design aesthetics and the intention of improving work morale, they will execute a designing plan. You would be thoroughly impressed with their commercial decor themes.

You can contact them once and their team of designers and architects will explain to you their entire process of office decor.

Zad Interiors

ZadInteriors will create the greatest designs to meet your office’s requirements. They specialise in combining contemporary and multicultural design elements in commercial office spaces.

The designers at ZadInteriors strive for a seamless approach and execution while working with the utmost expertise. ZadInteriors will adhere to the deadline closely and provide your commercial office with the necessary design upgrade thanks to an active and quick sales team.

CeeBee Design Studio

Cee Bee Design Studio, one of the most known interior design firms, is a qualified and professional office space interior design firm with positive global awareness.

Their distinctive approach involves incorporating local artisans’ work into their creations to give them a more distinctive feel.

For renowned developers, Cee Bee Design Studio has executed more than 200 commercial interior solutions for guesthouses, eateries, office buildings, and restaurants. The group is devoted to giving your workplace a fresh appearance that boosts productivity.


End-to-end services are offered by Creazione Interiors. They concentrate on every step of your office’s interior design process, from planning to execution. They have been involved in the design process since 2012 and have solid knowledge of the industry. They also have experience when it comes to using interior design to give your business office a personality.

They employ contemporary methods that are now popular in the design industry and offer prompt service to all of their customers. You can depend on Creazione Interiors to alter your commercial workplace with imaginative design ideas.

For those who adhere to the venerable Indian architectural science, Creazione Interiors provides Vastu Consultation services in addition to commercial office interior design.

My Fab Decor

My Fab Decor has some of the most famous interior designers in Kolkata. One of Kolkata’s leading firms for business interior design is My Fab Decor. The team’s area of expertise includes designing the interiors of commercial and residential buildings such offices, spas, motels, diners and etc

My Fab Decor is the ideal choice for you if you want to give your workplace or commercial property a sophisticated and appealing look thanks to its exclusive, economical, and opulent interior design.

Your office will look great and function well thanks to My Fab Decor. They emphasise space optimization, financial savings, and time savings.

Blue Masons

Interior design firm Blue Masons is unlike any other. In order to offer your office space a unified aesthetic that showcases your company’s beliefs and individuality, the staff at Blue Masons concentrates on getting to know your business.

When creating an office space interior design layout that symbolizes your firm, Blue Masons considers your industry, sort of company, organizational factors, and inclinations.

The interior design team at Blue Masons prides itself on being progressive and giving employees’ wants and demands first priority. Their mission is to boost worker productivity by giving your office enough room to accommodate all of your staff without causing it to feel cramped.

Spectrum Interiors

A reputable and well-regarded interior design and decoration firm is Spectrum Interiors. Both commercial and residential areas can benefit from their interior designing, refurbishment, and complete project implementation services.

They specialise in using both contemporary methods and Vastu Shastra in their imaginative interior design concepts. Many Indians place importance on Vastu, an ancient Indian science of building, and Spectrum Interiors wants to make sure that the design adheres to the proper Vastu.

The staff at Spectrum Interiors is qualified, effective, and expert, with more than 15 years of demonstrated expertise in the industry of interior design. They offer a lovely fusion of quintessential and modern interior layouts with an emphasis on achieving customer happiness with each project.


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