Home Decoration ideas with touch Modern and traditional Indian art

Our apartments should always contain a hint of our tradition because they speak volumes about our personalities and lifestyle choices. Do you recall the standard features of our older Indian homes? They had a big verandah in between, a lot of plants, seating areas, wooden doors and windows.

All of that was created differently in various houses, but it all had the same function of fostering a connection to our roots and social interaction.

Interior decorators claim that we lose touch with our personalities when we live in flats that are built and decorated similarly. It is crucial to preserve some aspects of our culture because of this.

Bright Colors and Print Decors

Sometimes it’s necessary to break away from the modern minimalist trend and utilise clashing colours and prints rather than neutrals and solids. To add a touch of India to your home, bring all the colours, textiles, and patterns because India is full of diverse cultures, each with its own styles and trends.

  • Use various textiles, like cotton, khadi, and silk, in their most natural state. You may use khadi furnishings for your couch, armchair, curtains, and window treatments, as well as bed linen.
  • Use textiles with prints from many states, such as those with Rajasthani theme prints, bandhani prints, Maharashtra warli paintings, Punjab phulkari work, and more.
  • You can also utilize English patterns like checks, striping, architectural prints, etc. If you do not want to expressly employ the art and lithographs of a state or emphasise a certain region. Ask your interior design company to incorporate these elements.
  • Use darker, earthier colours like orange, light brown, or beige. Put these instead of the more conventional white and grey if you want to give it an Indian feel.

Carvings and Moldings

Indians have a vibrant culture of art and craft, and we are home to some of the best interior designers in the world. They can skillfully create wooden mouldings, carvings on wood, and mouldings using plaster of Paris.Intricate wall carvings, carved and moulded columns, mouldings on furniture, and curves in Hindu and Mugal temples are all examples of curves and mouldings in Indian architecture. Even today, we can use these elements in various ways in our modern, contemporary homes.

You can try to purchase furniture that appears to be modern from a distance, but up close, it has a lot of features, such as the moulded and complex design on a chair’s legs.


For that splash of Heritage in the household, you need to choose a home interior design that instantaneously transports someone down memory lane to India. Materials are one of the most significant elements to differentiate any place; they have the power to make or break any space.

As an exposed wall, you can choose raw, unpolished Indian red brick, raw cement or concrete, or even a stone-clad wall like sandstone. However, don’t go crazy with these choices; instead, seek a balance between them out with the rest of the room’s colour scheme. You can utilise woods like mahogany, Sangwan, and rosewood.


This is actually a crucial component of incorporating a specific style into your home. Even if you have a contemporary room, a few accent pieces may completely alter its atmosphere. Any dull space can be instantly brightened by an accent carpet. To add a touch of Indianness to the room, use heavy-duty Indian rugs with vibrant colours.

Wallpaper is the simplest way to change the look of any room. Simply remove any monotonous wall plaster. Instead, give it a finish, and cover it with lovely wallpaper to change the atmosphere of the room completely.

You can create your own wall art or purchase a piece that reflects your tradition and individuality.

You can contact CeeBee Design Studio for all kinds of home designing and decor services.


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