5 Ways to Make your Home Look Elegant

The living room is undoubtedly the most important room in your home. Very honest to its name, it is where ‘life’ happens. It is where guests get the first impression of your home interior. It is the place where you sit back and enjoy your favorite TV programs on television.

Don’t you want it to look elegant and luxurious? We thought so. We all strive for our homes to look like magazine covers. Well, there is no reason you cannot get that. Let us help you through a couple of tricks that would make your place look like a sophisticated abode off elegance.

Invest in a rug

Rugs are probably the most underrated thing in home decor. Rugs can really give that extra touch of royalty to any room. One of the main reasons you need to put a rug under your furniture is to give your home the very subtle feeling of coziness.

An area rug has the ability to pull a room together. You need to select a rug that complements your room’s décor. A patterned rug with loud colors may look right in a room with otherwise muted decor, but in a more brightly decorated room, a rug with neutral colors would be a better match.

Rugs can be placed under the centre table, under your dining place and obviously as doormats outside the rooms. Fluffy and stylish rugs are more suited for living area and dining spaces whereas you would want flat rugs outside the washroom doors.

Keep clutter out of sight

Interior designers always stress on keeping the clutter away. De-clutter your home to ensure that it does not look messy and congested. Always implement the five-item rule for your tables and sofa. Make sure that there are not more than five items dangling around on your furniture.

Spaces start looking congested and lose their elegance if they are cluttered and messy.


Blinds is a type of wood paneling that is installed on the bottom half of a wall. Earlier, it was used for adding extra insulation to a wall, but nowadays it is used for purely decorative reasons. For the most sophisticated and elegant look, you can install wainscoting panels across the living room walls.

It would instantly make your space stand out from everyone else’s. It is best to consult an interior designer in Bangalore. Their professional understanding of interior design and decor would be of great use in reshaping your home style.

There are more than one ways to Blinds than just plain wood paneling. There are motif designs, oak paneling and so many other customized designs which one can do. Discuss your vision with the interior designer and they would help you chalk out the best plan according to your style preferences.

Make Lampshade a Piece of Art

You have an opportunity to make your home look regal with just a lampshade. Get a stylish lampshade which looks like a modern piece of art. Lampshades are excellent art pieces which can give your home the right amount of elegant feel. Talk to an interior designer and pick out some extraordinary lampshades for your home.

Incorporate Textures

Interior designers always recommend mixing up wood, glass, woven, metals materials together to create the perfect amalgamation of designs. A classy and elegant home is never monotonous. It looks like wholesome because of its diverse interior decor. You can put up a brushed brass accent piece on a reclaimed wood coffee table for that subtle yet sophisticated look.

Do let us know what you think about these ideas of ours and if you have anything else in mind. We would love to hear from you. If you have any other ideas in mind, let us know and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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