Which Type of Services do Interior Designers Provide?


Interior Designing typically refers to decorating and designing a space within for walls. It can be an apartment, bungalow or even a commercial office space. Designers try to understand the aesthetic, style and vision of their clients and then proceed to renovating that space altogether. Interior designers handle all the tasks associated in a designing project from chalking out the plan and blueprint to executing the whole decor.

Interior designers are trained professionals who plan and supervise everything under the umbrella of designing.

2D/3D Design Layout

Designers take care of all kinds of 2D and 3D designs for home and office decorations. 2D layout would have a geometrical representation where the length and height of the space is elevated. With 3D layout designs along with the length and breadth the depth of the rooms are also highlighted.

An amalgamation of both these elements make for the most perfect interior decor.

Design Consultation

When you cannot find an interior design company in Kolkata or Bangalore, we also help our clients with consultation. Our turnkey designers would provide you with the most amazing layout and plans for decoration.

The consultation services are all about helping clients get the perfect swatches, fabric, design, architecture, and ideas.


Wallpaper and Painting

Painting and wallpaper helps add a breath of fresh air in your home decor. It is the perfect way to add character in your home’s design. Interior designers help understand your home’s aesthetic and feel; they take all that in account and draw your home’s interior decor.

Wallpapers are a fun and elegant way to jazz up the walls. Wall textures and innovative wallpapers are really into trend these days. You can really give that extra oomph to your home with the right wallpaper design.

Modular Kitchen

Kitchens are often overlooked in the whole home decor process. Well, not when you hire professional home interior designers. Be it a small apartment kitchen or a modern day modular one; without home designers we can get you a high end solution for your personalized needs.

We do all types of modular kitchen designing and decoration and luxury kitchen designing so to make your kitchen your favorite place.


When we said that interior designers would do everything that concerns home decor, we really meant it. It would include everything miscellaneous like plumbing, lighting, bathroom decor, security and fire equipment installation and a bunch of other things.

If you would like to get some consultation or have any queries, feel free to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you.


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