5 Essential Tips for Exterior Painting in Kolkata

Exterior Home Painting

Home exterior painting is very important o maintain the look of your home. It is after all the first impression anyone has about you and your home. It is very easy to mess up the exterior painting due to so many factors. For exterior home painting, you must keep in mind certain tips which would ensure that it has flawless paint and stays on for longer period of time.

Hire professionals to paint

The biggest mistake which people make is hiring the wrong people. Hiring amateur painting contractors would not give you the flawless exterior home paint you desire. It is very important that you hire a professional home painting company who would take care of all your painting needs.

Exterior painting needs to be done with extra precision and therefore it is good to lend this work to professionals only.

Use dustproof paint

Exterior walls receive a lot of dust and pollution. No matter the season, in the din and bustle of city life, your home would receive a lot of dust and dirt on its walls. Therefore, you must select good quality paint which will make sure that dust accumulation is not happening every other month.

Waterproof paint

Waterproofing your walls is very important if you really want the walls to have longevity. Ask your home painting company to use waterproof ensured paint. This is going to make sure that your walls are able to stand throughout the monsoon season as well.

Well, the quality of waterproofing paint and the number of applications can be discussed with the paint company you hire. In Kolkata, 123 Home Paints is known to provide the best exterior home painting services. You can contact them for more information.

Sanding is must

Make sure that the exterior painting does not start until and unless proper sanding of walls has been done. It helps make sure that the walls are even and not bulgy. It ensures even application of paint without any texture.

A lot of contractors don’t do this because either they are lay or don’t know how to do it.

Priming is important

Priming is another crucial step which should not be missed. Priming ensures that there are no blotches and the paint has gone over the walls smoothly. Priming with high quality primer will increase the longevity of your paint. It would help the paint stick on the walls better and for longer period of time.

Contact us for all your home painting needs and we would assist you further.


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