What Are Some Ideas to Paint The Exterior of My House?

Winter season is here and this is probably the best time to paint the exteriors of your home. There is no rain issue and you can least expect strong winds too. Here is a guide to help you select the ideal colour schemes for your home’s exterior walls. Before you choose exterior house painters in your area, here is a guide to color selections.

Your home’s exterior colour should go with the building’s format. The ideal exterior paint colours for homes should also express the owner’s style and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Choose one, two, or a maximum of three exterior colours for your home. Choose exterior colour schemes that are not just appealing but also pleasing overall. Use various hues of the same colour if you want to stick with only one to prevent becoming monotonous.

Royal Blue and Cream White

The ideal colour combination for a home outdoors is blue shades with white since they blend together so well. Royal blue makes the place look majestic. It gives any building a majestic vibe.  Excellent exterior colour combinations for homes include white and various shades of blue, particularly for apartment buildings in Kolkata.

However, we have noticed that these combinations are common not only for interior but also for exterior painting services. Interior and exterior painting services have some color commonalities for sure.

Brown and Bright Yellow

This combination has not gotten the recognition it should. Accordingly, yellow and hues of brown can complement each other very well. Even a tiny dash of bright yellow can brighten the house from the outside. Such exterior painting colour schemes are ideally appropriate for the cosy design, which is picture-perfect when paired with a modest garden.

Some Rustic Color Combination

These exterior paint colour choices are typical in residences outside seen in Kolkata. Traditional red tiles with huge wooden frames and structures can go with classic cream walls. Outside home paint designs with red and cream appear nice, especially when the cream is coupled with exposed brick walls. For home surroundings constructed in industrial and Asian designs, one may also take into account red and cream house paint colour combinations. To highlight the exterior features of the home and increase its appeal, use a moderate amount of reddish ruby as the exterior colour.

The Three-Color Look

For a residence outside, the colours brown, white, and grey work harmoniously together. Dark grey and white paint can both be dominant colours. A brown roof provides the house with a warm, natural feeling as part of the contemporary home colour painting design exterior; an intense brown tone as the house colour outside produces an inviting atmosphere. The colour palette might also include an ash colour scheme for house exteriors.

For professional help regarding home painting, feel free to contact 123Home Paints. The professional team of experts will help you figure out the best color for your home’s exteriors.


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