Going the Contemporary Way

Before you start thinking of giving your house a new look you should be clear with one thing- what kind of style do you need for your house? There are different styles and for now, contemporary style is rooted in. Today we are going to give you basic ideas interior design on how you can get the contemporary look for your house.

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Contemporary style has a motto less is more; less of ornamentation. It usually follows smooth fabric instead of going for colorful prints. They are comfortable and welcoming instead of cluttering the space and making it look dark. This style is perfect for all environment be it office or house. The interiors showcase space rather than things which make the house look small. Simplicity, sophistication, texture and clean lines are the basic defining terms of contemporary style. Lines, planes and angles should be kept in mind when you decorate your house.

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You have to keep the style simple yet sophisticated. The colours that are perfect for this style is cream, white, tan, beige and black at times. Monochromatic designs will help you get the lines and shapes within a particular shape. Keep in mind that the neutral shade you choose should always compliment your style.

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Another thing to keep in mind is to keep open space while designing it in a contemporary way. Contemporary interiors go well with large scale furnishings. Break your furniture’s into different groups that will divide the large room and make the room look organized.

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Contemporary style usually goes with plain flooring. It usually avoids rugs and carpeting and favours harder surfaces like stone ceramic or wooden bamboo floors. You can always go for a geometric designed rug that can go with certain area in your house and highlight that particular portion.

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Shine in with the contemporary design, that is, high gloss or polished surfaces go with it. The different patterns that one can follow are chrome, steel, lacquer, glass, plastic, and tiles. Also one can go for ribbed glass or brushed nickel.

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The furniture’s should be high impact furniture that has clean lines and striking profiles. Avoid flip covers and focus on pieces that show a more little bit of the furniture leg.

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Lastly, the basic feature of contemporary style is minimum accessories. Always go for accessories that are simple and every piece should be well chosen and should tell a story. White porcelain vases or glass fishing-net floats are perfect for contemporary design. Don’t go for too many furniture’s and paintings and make your house look scattered.


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