How to Design Your Interior Space with a Patch of Green?

Greenery is always calming and soothing to the eyes. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, a patch of green in any decor can give it that extra oomph. The accurate shade of green can really transform an interior decor upside down.

Interior designing is all about giving inanimate objects like furniture, paint, floors the touch of sentiment so that a property is more than just four walls. We have consulted our home interior designer in Bangalore and they have given some outstanding ideas as to how you can incorporate a patch of green to bring some life in a home with inanimate objects.

Ensemble Green Patch as Backdrop

Green Patch
Source: Google

If you have a balcony or backyard in your home then it needs to have some connection with the nature. Our modern homes lack a connection with nature. Green, as a color itself has its association with Mother Nature. Your backyard can have a beautiful ensemble of white furniture with some vibrant cushions and green plants around it.

Now, if you are lazy to take care of actual plants then it is better to buy a couple of fake tubs of plants. That would work too. To make it feel more homely, you can add a swing too.

Artificial Grass Wall

Artificial Grass Wall
Source: Google

Give your guests the warmest of welcome with a grass wall outside your door. Look for simple geometric patterns like a rhombus, pentagon or even a rectangle to create this wall.

This artificial green grass wall will create a welcoming ambience for the guests who come in your home. In fact it will make you feel brighter about your living space too.

Greenery Inspired Patio in Office

Greenery inspired patio in Office
Source: Google

The dull corporate look can make an office lackluster. You can bring some of that positive energy back in your workspace by putting up a noticeable sized green patio inside.

It will motivate your employees to be more productive and give the office a hip outlook.

Use the Cactus Charisma

Use the cactus charisma
Source: Google

For something a little more durable, which doesn’t involve the softer touch of green fingertips, how about cutaway cactus? Simply section out part of your floor plan — whether large or small — plant a few prickly friends and fill them with pebbles for an appealing, smooth finish.

These are just some quick tips which you can follow. If you want more such ideas, then contact our interior design studio in Bangalore and we would be more than happy to help you!


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