Design Your Home with New Classy Style

interior design
interior design

If you’re a lover of mid-century elegance or enjoy the Victorian vibe, it’s the ultimate dream for homeowners and renters alike to create an elegant house. However, anything as basic as a single misplaced accent piece or a mismatched throw pillow pattern will ruin the look you’re trying to cultivate when it comes to building a seamless, classy room.

A mini kitchen makeover

To make it more sophisticated, you don’t need to totally renovate your kitchen. To fully convert the area, interior decorators in Bangalore suggest painting quality wood cabinets in a soft white or a neutral color.

Not exactly shouting “elegance.” is the hardware your cabinets come with. Thankfully, all it takes is a slight switch to remedy it. A simple and affordable way to make your kitchen look more like a personalized high-end room is to change the bar pulls or knobs on your kitchen cabinets. We recommend switching to polished gold highlights, and for a cohesive look, adding a compatible faucet.

Wallpaper makeover

A lot of apartment interior designers in Bangalore would suggest that you give your home a decent wallpaper makeover. Wallpapers instantly make a room look classier and more elegant. It gives that sophisticated vibe to the home.

You can select from a range of wallpapers available in the market these days. You should be looking for wallpapers with golden, red and colors which scream supremacy. This is an excellent way to actually transform and make your home look a lot classier than what it actually is.

Navy Blue for your walls

When it comes to the walls, paint makes a huge difference, and going for a deep blue shade could be the best way to bind things together. Consider using navy as either the main focal point or as a beautiful accent color if you are about to redesign your living room from mismatched to stylish.

Now, these are just some basic tips. However, if you want a fully-fledged interior decoration service then feel free to reach out to us and our expert designers would assist you further.


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