How to Design Your Home Interior Design by Interior Designer

Interior Design
Interior Design

This year has been tumultuous for everyone around the globe. Days after days sitting at home has got many of us thinking about how to redesign our house by the way professionals do. Now, of course, if you are aiming for something really ambitious, you should probably consult with an interior designer first, but if not, then here some of the tips that interior designers swear by on how to design your home.

What is your style?

First and foremost, it is vital to understand what your taste in home décor is like. Are you someone who prefers dramatic centrepieces? Do you like monotone? Are you into the rustic aesthetic? Or do you like everything minimal? This should be your first step because everything you do after will be determined by this. Take inspiration from the places you have visited in the past. Was there a particular colour combo that really appealed to you? Maybe some shelves that caught your eye?

Understand what goes against

After you have decided what style you like, you might also want to figure out if there are some elements you absolutely want to avoid. Maybe you are into feng shui and would not want certain furniture towards certain direction, maybe you do not want your walls to be painted dark shades because the room is small and darker colours will make it look smaller. Whatever it is, you need to study your house carefully to understand what are some of the things you must avoid.

Study the space

The most important aspect of home interior design is studying the space. You need to understand how big or small the rooms are, and what kind of furniture will suit them best. For this, you need to measure your rooms carefully before you go shopping. You would not want something too big or too small. It is important to understand the proportions. If you are confused, you should probably consult a designer before and get their feedback on what kind of furniture and accessories will look good. Your choice of furniture and accessories will also depend on whether it is a studio apartment or a bungalow, and other details. If you are into feng shui, you should take into consideration the directions and placement of some accessories.

Mix and match

Do not be afraid to mix your accessories or furniture. Just because you are going for a minimal feel with pastel-coloured walls, does not mean you need to throw away the antique lamp. Also, you can even buy contemporary art pieces from up and coming artists, maybe you can ask them to paint something unique for you that reminds of your favourite band, or favourite vacation place, or hobby. Plus, you can also visit an antique shop to see if you can get your hands on some unique pieces. Basically, go all in and try to decorate with pieces that reflect your personality and likes.

In conclusion, home decoration can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can easily redecorate your house as per your wish. Just don’t rush into it and take time to study your home and preferences before you dive into it.


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