Furniture Ideas for a Small Home

Furniture-Cee Bee Design Studio

If you are fretting about your small apartment thinking it looks clumsy? Well, do not worry anymore. You only need to make tiny changes to make sure there is enough room. And you do not have to spend a fortune to achieve the result either. Read more to know.

Use smaller tables

Instead of using a big centre table, go for smaller ones. This will not only save space but give your room a cosier look and feel. And on top of that, in case you need to remove it for some special occasion, you can easily lift and drag it to the other room.

Day Bed

Did you know that instead of using a boring old couch, you can instead use a day bed that you can use for a more comfortable seating arrangement? This also makes your room look more sophisticated and you can decorate it with pretty cushions, plus this also has more room for guests.

Go Neutral

One of the best ways to make your room look airy and fresh is to go neutral with your accessories and furniture. With light brown wooden panelling and shades on beige for accessories, it will make your room look bigger and fresher.

Get More Storage

If you are facing problem with storage, simply use the top of the ceilings to create wardrobes, or get a bed that has storage facilities underneath it. You can also buy a sofa that comes with underneath storage. Use the wall corners to get some free space by building shelves around it.

Keep it Simple

When thinking of buying furniture, remember to keep it simple. Do not buy bulky products because they end up making your room look clumsy and smaller. Go for minimal designs and simple patterns, and neutral shades.

Light it up

Use dim lights in the living room to make it look fancier and more elegant. Also, use softer lights in the bathroom to make it look spacious. Good lighting can make the tiny apartment look spacious in minutes.

Statement Piece

This can be anything, get a sofa with soft pastel shades, or get a big rug that covers the floor. This will distract attention from the size of the room making it look much bigger than it is. Plus, it is always good to invest in statement pieces.

Lighter Colours

Paint your walls lighter shades to make it look bigger. It will also reflect more light thus giving the illusion of a more spacious room. Using darker shades will absorb light, giving it a clumsy and disorganised look.

These are some of the top tips to help you organise your small room into making it look fresh, big and spacious. However, if you are still unsatisfied with the results and want something different, check out the interior design company in Hyderabad, Cee Bee Design Studio. The top interior designer in Hyderabad, their work is extremely professional and will create wonderful spaces out of your small apartment.


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