What are the Interior Design Trends for 2022?

Overcoming the feeling of dampened spirits that we have been through in the last couple of years we now have an atmosphere of revival and joyful comeback. With the arrival of the New Year, we are looking forward to altering not only our outlook on life but also the interiors. As soon as the New Year arrives the feeling of renovating and revamping our houses also sets in. You might be quite knowledgeable in this field and can manage to do your decoration on your own. Some of us are not so expert and competent in this field as we choose to rather employ professional interior designers. One of the leading interior designer in Kolkata is Cee Bee Design Studio. Keeping in mind the preferences of the valued clients, Cee Bee arranges for a suitable pattern of interior decoration. Read on this blog to know about the latest trends in interior designs in 2022.

Chic Chocolate Hues

Departing from the various shades of greys that have been a much-preferred trend for the past few years homeowners are now opting for incorporating stylish hues of browns. Whether it is wall paint or colour of soft furnishings and curtains, chocolate browns and lighter camel colours are now being used more and more. People have experienced a bit of overdose of the grey treatment and as the brown colour provides a more comfortable feeling people are using that now.

Classic Canopy Beds

Expert designers have predicted that we are to see a comeback of the canopy beds. As more people are getting influenced by historic and stately home interior designs with the maximal style of decorating, they are opting for decorations that are classic yet suit the contemporary times.

Maximalist Marvel

Minimalism has been the hottest trend for some time now and that is why maximalism is bound to stage a comeback with a bang. Going over the top and integrating a velvety feature or a 19th-century French commode might all come under this practice. The practices that are likely to be seen are rich and gorgeous colour palettes, luxurious and expensive fabrics, and furnishings.

Dark Kitchens

The interiors of the kitchens have altered in the past couple of years and darker and moodier interiors are now being preferred. You can choose to play around with shades and opt for using leathered stones such as granites, marbles, and quartzites. The matte and uneven textures also tend to hide the messes so it would not be a problem if you do not clean the countertop daily.

Something Old, Something New

Antiquity and heritage make a prominent comeback in 2022 as we opt to use vintage and second-hand furniture. Sustainable and environment-friendly furnishings are being employed in decorating houses. Using the ancient accessories and materials from the time of your grandparents has become the latest fashion and adds a unique touch to your home. Your interior should boast of a combination of old and new furniture pieces.

A Quiet Place

Every house should have a quiet room where the residents can choose to spend some time in order to unwind their minds at the end of a hectic day. The introverts can also spend quality time in this secluded and relaxing room to enjoy some me-time on their own. It is an essential feature to possess a calm and quiet room specifically designed for reflecting on our thoughts and day’s activities.

Cee Bee Design Studio

If you are looking for commercial interior designers in Bangalore you have to go for the one with enormous popularity and an all-India presence, Cee Bee Design Studio. You have no cause to worry as this company with a reputed brand name delivers punctual and cost-effective services to the satisfaction of the customers. Whether you want your house to be decorated in a rustic European style or contemporary desi Indian style, you can rely on Cee Bee to do the perfect job to transform your space.


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