Some Expert tips you must consider while redesigning your bedroom

bedroom design

Designing a bedroom can be one heck of a challenge. You do want to ensure that everything looks perfect. Having an expert opinion does help the cause. You cannot always rely on your intuition when it comes to decorating rooms in your home. You might just want a simple room decor without much work- but a simple room takes more hard work than you might know.

Since the bedroom is the most personal space and something which not a lot of guests get to see; it must have a style of its own. It should reflect your mood and personality.

So, there are some expert tips for you which can help you to redesign your bedroom.

  • Furniture sets are a big no

The moment you decide to get furniture sets is the exact moment you say goodbye to any creative insight you might have. Getting furniture sets will be of no help if you have a little spunk and aesthetics in mind. It will just make your entire room look monotonous. It might seem like less work but your room’s vibe will become very dull. You can consult an interior design company in Kolkata who can help you design your bedroom’s look. Professionals know what to pick at the most reasonable cost making it look dapper and classy at the same time.

Your home should reflect the character and must have a unique style of its own. That will not be the case if you decide to clutter the space with furniture sets.

  • Giving more visual space

Having a touch with nature and outside world gives the bedroom a more natural feel. You can install French windows with greater width for a great source of lighting. This is perfect for all climatic conditions. To add more sophistication, you can make these windows French in style. Getting more visual space and view of nature outside will automatically uplift the look of the bedroom. If you live on the third or fourth floor then the window size will not be a major issue. However, if your home is on the first floor or ground floor then you can go for broader windows.

The home interior design largely depends on the location of your bedroom and the amount of natural light entering that space.

  • Cooler undertones on walls

The bedroom is your abode of relaxation after a hectic day. It is where you go to relax and forget about the worries. Paint your walls with a color that have cooler undertone rather than a warmer one. Try to coordinate the lamps with similar cool colors like blue or yellow. Psychologists state that having cooler colors on your bedroom walls can make you calmer and reasonable when you are in your home.

Even if you are someone who does not believe a lot in color psychology, it is still a pretty good color option. You do not have to limit yourself to any one color. There are a plethora of colors which you can select from. We will suggest that you consult a professional interior design company for better results and good inputs.

  • Get eclectic and handmade artwork for walls

No personal space feels cozy without a tinge of art and aesthetic painting. Ask your designer for some handmade paintings or wall arts which will suit the look of your home. Coordinate it with the accessories to give a more homely feel. The thing about DIY artwork is that it does not have to really match with anything. The whole purpose of it is to stand out from the rest of the things in the room.

  • A mixture of high price and low price items

The most stylish objects can have a humble soul and vice versa. The best rooms have the perfect amalgamation of high price things and humble things. Small show pieces sometimes strike the eye of people and large expensive paintings just add character to it. So it is your decision what you want to mix and how much. There are no hard and fast rules though.

This tip works excellently because then you do not have to set a specific luxurious budget for all the things which you were going to buy for your room.


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